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You need assistance? Please, do not hesitate to contact our English Speaking Support Team by eMail or Telephone!     -     eMail:      -      Telephone: +44 203 8070 217                                   You need assistance? Please, do not hesitate to contact our English Speaking Support Team by eMail or Telephone!     -     eMail:      -      Telephone: +44 203 8070 217



isFerry E-TICKET

isFerry offers its customers an innovative and simple way to book their e-tickets/confirmation online and to print them out at the same time.

The Easy-Way booking system, developed by isFerry, facilitates an accurate reservation and an instant printout of the e-ticket with the purpose of providing the customers inexpensive, easy and quick service in a fully electronic form.

Users can connect directly and online with the booking system of the ferry operators Minoan Lines, Superfast Ferries, Anek Lines, Hellenic Seaways, Blue Star Ferries, Nel, Cyclades Fast Ferries, Seajets, Aegean Speed Lines and more. They have the option to compare prices, get informed about timetables and vessels, to inquire about alternative itineraries and to printout out the pre-paid electronic ferry ticket.

The Easy-Way Booking System simplifies the purchase of your ferry ticket, with the same method used by the airline companies.

-Reservations over the internet
-Receipt of the Booking Code
-Check-in at the Port of Departure

Furthermore, you are given the choice to pay for the ticket by credit card, PayPal, or the innovative System Pay-and-Confirm (Bank Transfer).  

E-ticket confirmation with isFerry-Easy-Way and nothing will hinder your holiday!

On completion of your booking, you will receive a confirmation email with a link that gives all your ticket-details (confirmation/booking number, itinerary/maps with reference points, and the addresses of the respective port agencies, and, or, kiosks of the respective ferry operator, details for the embarkation procedure, etc.)

Request your boarding pass at the corresponding port agent, or kiosk of the ferry-operator you are using 40 minutes prior to departure for domestic passages, and 2 hours in advance for international passages (opening hours are approximately 2-3 hours prior to each departure).

Upon receiving their boarding pass, passengers are requested to present a valid identification card or passport and their booking confirmation (booking number).


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