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    Highspeed ferries
    to Naxos ca. 4 hrs.
    to Paros ca. 3 hrs.
    to Samos ca. 11 hrs.

    Conventional ferries
    to Aegina ca. 0,4 hrs.
    to Chania ca. 9 hrs.
    to Heraklion ca. 9 hrs.
    to Ios ca. 7 hrs.
    to Kos ca. 11 hrs.
    to Kreta ca. 9 hrs.
    to Kythira ca. 7 hrs.
    to Lesbos ca. 12 hrs.
    to Milos ca. 6 hrs.
    to Mykonos ca. 6 hrs.
    to Naxos ca. 5 hrs.
    to Paros ca. 4 hrs.
    to Patmos ca. 8 hrs.
    to Rhodes ca. 15 hrs.
    to Samos ca. 10 hrs.
    to Santorini ca. 8 hrs.
    to Sifnos ca. 5,3 hrs.
    to Symi ca. 17 hrs.
    to Syros ca. 4 hrs.
    to Tinos ca. 5 hrs.

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Ferry Athens

Traveling with ferry Athens to the city means reaching the former cradle of Western civilization. According to myths, Athena, the goddess of wisdom and practical reason, offered the city an olive tree, symbol of good will and fair competition or sportsmanship. After doing so, she became the patron goddess of Athens and the city was named after her. Myth, history and modern age converge in the capital city of Greece. European democracy, Olympic Games, art, politics, the formation of script, philosophy and a lot more were born here.

Ferry to and from Athens

Those who travel with ferry to Athens are confronted with the origins of European Culture. This culture achieves its symbolic expression through Athens’ famous landmark – the Acropolis. A visit to the monument and former dwelling of the gods is compulsory for every tourist in Athens. In addition, it is advisable to visit the Archaeological National Museum, the Byzantine Museum, Kerameikos and the Dionysos Theatre. Nobody should miss the chance to experience modern Athens before their departure with ferries from Athens. Apart from many ancient sites, there are a lot of shopping facilities near Sintagma- and Omonia Square. Tourists who love shopping will be pleasantly surprised by the product range. Like every metropolitan city, Athens too hosts famous designers, trendy brand names and accessories shops.

How to get to Athens

Taking a break after having experienced so much antiquity and modernity would be a good idea. The nearby islands of Hydra, Poros and Aegina are an excellent choice for those who want to relax a bit and start their holidays gently. Of course it is possible to visit other islands too from Athens. Ferry routes Athens (from Piraeus or Rafina) to the Greek Islands are well developed and ample. Please check the Athens ferry timetable through isFerry’s real-time booking engine for specific information about all routes to and from Athens.


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