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    Highspeed ferries
    From Mykonos to
    Amorgos ca. 2,15 hrs.
    Heraklion ca. 4,25 hrs.
    Ios ca. 1,35 hrs.
    Milos ca. 5 hrs.
    Naxos ca. 0,35 hrs.
    Paros ca. 0,45 hrs.
    Piraeus/Athens ca. 2,3 hrs.
    Rafina/Athens ca. 2 hrs.
    Santorini ca. 1,5 hrs.

    Conventional ferries
    From Mykonos to
    Ikaria ca. 2,25 hrs.
    Piraeus/Athens ca. 5,45 hrs.
    Rafina/Athens ca. 4,45 hrs.
    Syros ca. 1,15 hrs.

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Ferry Mykonos

Ferry Mykonos will bring you to the most famous Cycladic islands in the world. The island features a rather barren landscape but makes up for it with its beautiful beaches and the crystal clear waters that surround it. Mykonos has been attracting thousands of tourists for 100 years. Chora is the main town of Mykonos and also the location of the port whose traditional Cycladic architecture makes it the most picturesque port of the Cyclades. The town consists of small cube shaped houses and narrow paths spreading out from the seashore at the port to the top of a hill. Chora is almost car-free.

Ferry to and from Mykonos

Tourists traveling with ferries to Mykonos recognize soon the versatility of that island. It is possible to relax and to withdraw as well as to get wild and party all day and all night. The vivid and internationally coloured activity that you can find on Mykonos in the summer scatters in different directions. There are the much quieter beaches of Agios Sostis, Agios Stefanos and Agios Iannis and the two rather crowded beaches of Super Paradise. Those who leave the island with ferry from Mykonos will always remember the white cube shaped houses, the colourful fisherman boats, the blue sea, the narrow paths with the typical cobbled paving and the whole architecture which shifts you into a fairy tale. They will never forget the countless churches and of course Little Venice the famous tourist district where the houses reach the water.

How to get to Mykonos

Mykonos is a small island with only 85 square kilometres. The coastline is 80 km long. Approximately 5,500 people live on the island. Ferry routes Mykonos start in the port of Piraeus which is 94 nautical miles away, from Rafina (71 nautical miles), the Dodecanese Islands, Samos, Ikaria and from Thessaloniki. For more detailed information about ferry routes please check the Mykonos ferry timetable via isFerry’s online booking engine. In the summer tourists can reach Mykonos by traveling with the speed ferries. From Mykonos it is possible to take a ferry ride to the neighbouring island of Delos.


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