Liberty Lines Accommodation

Check here all Liberty Lines accommodation options on board, compare cabins, seats and decks and book the choice of your convenience!

The Liberty Lines accommodation provides the following options:

  • The seats for the deck passage (economy deck) and/or the reclining seats (aircraft type seats) are numbered Liberty Lines seats and passengers with an airline seat ticket are shown to those seats.
  • Business class or VIP seats are located in a separate Liberty Lines section with larger seats which are considered to be the most comfortable ones. Business class and/or VIP have their own bars and are restricted to passengers with Liberty Lines business class tickets.

Regardless of the class they have booked, passengers have all Liberty Lines facilities at their disposal, which includes restaurants, cafes, bars and WC's on the Liberty Lines decks of all ferries.

Liberty Lines Pet Policy

Passengers who travel accompanied by one or more pets are obliged to accommodate them properly on board of the respective Liberty Lines ferry.

  • The pet traveling with you has to stay in a designated kennel/box for the whole duration of the Liberty Lines journey.
  • You can bring your own box or you will be shown a kennel for your pet by Liberty Lines, as soon as you embark.

Pets are online bookable for all Liberty Lines routes!

Liberty Lines Luggage Allowance

Liberty Lines offer to all passengers designated luggage areas on the boats (on embarkation) with no luggage restrictions and no excess charges.

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