• Seajets is a very popular ferry and is quickly fully booked!
    • When you book a Seajets ticket localy you run the risk of getting no seats!
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Since its foundation in 1989 Seajets has been a high level services provider to the Greek shipping and possesses an ultra-modern fleet. Sea Jets is characterized by its active presence for all these years and by the safe and reliable sea transportation it offers. Seajets aims at announcing its itineraries for the following year on time, in order to assist travelers in planning their trip to Greece. In addition, the company lengthens the operation time of their Seajets ships so as to contribute to the extension of tourist season. Seajets ferries offer their customers a very high standard regarding accommodation and passage.

With the help of the administrative assistant you can cancel your previously confirmed Seajets ferry by entering the booking code and the stated e-mail address at the time of reservation (cancellation fees may occur though). Furthermore, you will be able to check on and to print your reservations from Seajets ferries by using the administrative assistant. In case you wish to alter the data of your booking (name, age, gender, number of passengers, license plate, etc.), please send us an e-mail to support-seajets@isferry.de and we will make all desired changes for you (alteration fees may occur as applicable). Please, read our guidelines for the Seajets ferries as to booking cancellation and booking alteration that can be found on the page booking terms.

Seajets harbors and ports

Seajets ferries connect the Seajets harbors and ports which are on the Greek mainland and the Greek islands fast, reliable and courteously. All the timetables of the Seajets ferries which are including Seajets harbors and ports in Piraeus, Rafina, Crete, Amorgos, Anafi, Ios, Milos, Sifnos, Tinos, Siros, Santorini, Paros, Mykonos can be seen here in detail. Useful information on embarkation at the Seajets harbors and ports and current offers from the Seajets Ferries can also be found on the pages listed here.
Book your Seajets in advance

A ferry passage with Seajets is like any other way of traveling when it comes to the most inexpensively priced offers. The earlier you book, the more possible it becomes for you to benefit from Seajets’ lowest rates. If you make your reservation at a later point in time, the low-priced Seajets tickets might possibly be sold out. In addition, you lower your chances of finding availability in booking the dates on which you wish to travel with Seajets. For this reason, it is advisable to organise and book your route with Seajets early.

There are a number of reasons why you should book your Seajets ferry in advance.
Here are some of the most important:

-Seajets is a very popular ferry operator, whose capacity tends to be booked out very fast!

-If you purchase your Seajets tickets locally, the probability of getting no free places is very high!

-Secure the price of your tickets with Seajets and be sure that currency fluctuations don’t affect you.

-Plan and book your Seajets passage now and not later, thereby ensuring time for your holidays!

-Balance your holiday budget by including the price of your Seajets ticket in this month’s credit card statement!


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