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The check-in process is mandatory and applies to all ports of departure. This should be done either at the check-in desk of the shipping company, located in the harbor/pier/booth, or at the appropriate ticket office indicated at the end of the booking process. (Please note that not all shipping companies provide check-in desks at the point of departure and many small harbors will also have no check-in provisions). The boarding passes/tickets are issued during check-in.

Passengers should present themselves at the boarding point at least two (2) hours (international routes) or at least one (1) hour (Greek domestic routes) before departure. After this time, the shipping company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any fare refund.

Please note that the check-in closes forty-five (45') minutes (international routes) or thirty (30') minutes (Greek domestic routes) before departure.

For the check-in you will need:
1. the confirmation/e-ticket (reservation) which you should have printed after completing your online reservation
2. identification documents for each passenger (passports or I.D. cards)
3. registration documents for each vehicle (in case you travel with a vehicle)

The company reserves the right to refuse boarding to passengers without the above necessary travel documents.

The vehicle will be embarked by the driver alone in compliance with SOLAS safety.

Escorts and passengers with no cars will have to walk on board.

Vehicles are called according to a determined order by the captain of the ship and/or his subordinates and persons responsible and can be placed on any deck of the ship.

In the parking deck the driver will be issued a receipt upon which the parking deck, where he parked his car, is given.

While crossing the entrance to the parking deck is for safety not possible, therefore it is imperative to take everything what you need from the vehicle with you.

During check-in or boarding, the shipping company reserves the right to check/measure the dimensions of vehicles declared during the booking process. In case of discrepancies, passengers will be required to pay the difference.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR CREDIT CARD HOLDERS and its staff reserve the right to carry out detailed checks on the reservations made by credit card upon check-in and before embarkation. In the case of fraud payment, and its employees keep the right to refuse embarkation and also to conduct all legal claims against the user in the way. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CANCEL* A RESERVATION IF:

a) passenger and travel leader information is insufficient or false (unknown or deceptive phone numbers and/or email addresses, incorrect or false names of passengers and travel leader, false or incorrect sizes of vehicles, incorrect or incomplete types/categories of vehicles, etc.)
b) credit card holder details are incorrect
c) copies of necessary documents (passport, identity card, proof of credit card ownership, etc.) cannot be provided on time if requested by

*= terms for a customer cancellation are applicable in this case, too.


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