Aegean Flying Dolphins

Travel in no time with the extremely fast Aegean Flying Dolphins starting from the Greek mainland to the Greek Islands and benefit form up to 20% discounts!

The ferry company has been operating in Gr…


Aegean Speed Lines

Start tripping to the delicate Greek Islands Serifos, Sifnos and Milos by booking online your Aegean Speed Lines tickets and enjoy a cozy and luxurious voyage!

The company whose headquarters are loca…


Aegeon Pelagos

Get on board an Aegeon Pelagos ferry after booking online and witness a wonderful experience voyaging from the Greek mainland to the sunny Greek Islands!

Aegeon Pelagos was established in 2010 in Cha…


Agoudimos Lines

Go online and book your Agoudimos Lines ferry tickets and travel starting from the Greek mainland towards the Greek Islands while being able to save up to 20%!

Agoudimos is a Greek company founded in…


Alko Ferries

Pack your things, get on board the brand new vessel of Alko Ferries, Sebeco II and embrace the magic of traveling among the Dodecanese Islands in the Aegean Sea!

Alko Ferries is a contemporary ferry …


Alpha Lines

Book your ferry tickets with the brand new, state-of-the-art Alpha Lines and enjoy a short and entertaining crossing among the charming Argo-Saronic Islands!

Alpha Lines is a brand new shipping compa…


ANE Kalymnou

Book online your ferry tickets with ANE Kalymnou and enjoy a colorful and scenic maritime journey between the renowned and historical islands of the Dodecanese!

ANE Kalymnou is a Greek ferry company …


Anek Lines

Book online and travel with Anek Lines from Italy to Greece and from Athens to Crete and more Greek Islands while enjoying a high-quality onboard experience!

Anek Lines were established on April 10, …


Anek Superfast

Book online with Anek Superfast from Italy to Greece with or without camping on board as well as from Athens to Crete, to Cyclades and to Dodecanese Islands!

Anek Superfast Ferries is a merge between…


ANEM Ferries

Plan your vacation and get on board ANEM Ferries that is connecting the Greek Dodecanese Islands of Kos and Kalymnos in a very pleasant and fast journey!

ANEM Ferries is a Greek carrier that was esta…


ANENDYK Maritime

Book online your ANENDYK Maritime Lines ferry ticket and begin your journeys between the Greek mainland to the Greek islands while also profit from discounts!

ANENDYK Maritime, which was established …


ANES Ferries

Travel with ANES Ferries from the Greek mainland to the Greek Islands with comfort and speed while also benefit from discounts that allow you to save up to 20%!

ANES Lines is a shipping company with …


Aqua Ferries

Book online your Aqua Ferries tickets, start your journey from the Greek mainland while ending up to the Greek islands and benefit from discounts up to 20%!

Aqua does not exist anymore. It was a Gree…


Blue Star Ferries

Book online your Blue Star Ferries tickets, enjoy a high-quality experience while traveling across the Aegean and Adriatic Sea and benefit by saving up to 20%!

The carrier has become an “icon” in the…


Corsica Ferries

Pack your things and travel with the modern Corsica Ferries to cross the Tyrrhenian and Balearic Seas in a smooth journey while enjoying the amenities on board!

Corsica - Sardinia Ferries is a shippi…


Dodekanisos Seaways

Book your Dodekanisos Seaways ferry tickets in the online platform and start your holiday from the Greek mainland to the Greek islands and save up to 20%!

Dodekanisos Seaways ships have been operatin…


Endeavor Lines

Endeavor Lines is a shipping company that currently is not running any crossings between Italy and Greece but there are others that can serve your needs!

The shipping company was operating until 2013…


Erdano Tours

Erdano Tours is a carrier that provides fast and reliable connections between the Albanian resort town, Saranda and the historical Greek Island of Corfu!

Erdano Tours' goal is to provide passengers a…


Erturk Lines

Book online Erturk Lines tickets and travel from the Greek islands to the Turkish mainland and vice versa while also benefit by saving up to 20% from discounts!

Erturk ferries operate between Turkey …


European Ferries

Begin your journey across the Adriatic Sea with the luxurious ship of European Ferries and travel from Italy to Albania while also benefit from discounts!

The company is running routes on the Adriati…


European Seaways

Start traveling with European Seaways from Italy to Greece and Italy to Albania with its huge ships and enjoy a beautiful voyage crossing the Adriatic Sea!

The company is based in Athens, Greece and …


Fast Ferries

Book online your Cyclades Fast Ferries tickets and begin your memorable journeys when traveling to the Greek islands Andros, Tinos, Paros, Mykonos and Naxos!

The shipping company has been continuousl…


Finikas Lines

Start your maritime experiences while traveling from Albania to Greece and more specifically from Saranda to Corfu with the renowned Finikas Lines and Cruises!

Finikas Lines was founded in 1994, it i…


Golden Star Ferries

Start traveling with the fast and luxurious and well-known shipping company, Golden Star Ferries and witness a memorable experience through the Aegean Sea!

Golden Star Ferries, also known as the Brig…


Goutos Lines

Book online your Goutos Lines ferry and start your vacation by traveling from the Greek mainland to the Greek islands Kythnos and Kea and save up to 20%!

Goutos’ 50-year experience guarantees a safe,…


Grandi Navi Veloci

Get onboard a Grandi Navi Veloci ferry and start traveling to Italy, Tunisia, Spain, France, Morocco, Albania and the Italian Islands in luxury and comfort!

Grandi Navi is a modern shipping company, …


Grimaldi Lines

Travel with the colossal Grimaldi Lines starting from Italy and reach your destination in the Italian Islands, Greece, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia in luxury!

The company holds a very long tradition da…


Hellenic Seaways

Travel with the legendary Hellenic Seaways after booking online and enjoy a unique experience crossing the Greek sea while also profit from exclusive discounts!

The shipping company has an active pre…


Ionian Seaways

Plan your trip and board on the ferries of Ionian Seaways from the Greek Island of Corfu to the city of Saranda in Albania and have a great holiday!

Ionian Seaways, in partnership with Ionian Cruises…


Ionion Pelagos Lines

Book your ferry tickets online and begin a wonderful experience while crossing the beautiful Ionian Sea with the conventional ferry of Ionion Pelagos Lines!

The ferry company makes the connection bet…


Jalem Tur

Pack your things and begin traveling with the ferries of Jalem Tur from Turkey to Greece, in the beautiful Aegean Sea and have a wonderful vacation! 

Jalem Tur was formed in Ayvalik, in the west coas…


Karystia Lines

Book online your Karystia Lines ferry and begin your trip from the port of Lavrio to the Greek Islands of Kea and Kythnos and benefit from attractive discounts!

Karystia is a small shipping company t…


Kasos Princess

Get on board the new and state-of-the-art Kasos Princess vessel which connects the islands of Kasos and Karpathos of the south Aegean Sea!

Kasos Princess is a brand new vessel that operates routes in…


Kefalonian Lines

Book online your Kefalonian Lines ferry and enjoy a unique traveling experience from the Greek mainland to the Greek islands and benefit by saving up to 20%!

Kefalonian Lines is a new shipping compan…


Kerkyra Lines

Board on a Kerkyra Lines ship, the largest fleet running between Kerkyra and Igoumenitsa in the Ionian Sea and have a great time during your holidays in Greece!

A modern shipping company with a fleet…


Kerkyra Seaways

Pack your bags and get on the ferries of Kerkyra Seaways and reach the charming islands of Corfu and Paxi in the Ionian Sea, starting from Igoumenitsa!

Kerkyra Seaways is a shipping company based in …



Feel the summer breeze while traveling on the open decks of the adorable Lafasi MC through the stunning Aegean Sea, between Kos, Kalymnos and Bodrum!

Lafasi MC is a ferry operator with an experience …


Lane Sea Lines

Book online your Lane Sea Lines ferry ticket and enjoy their qualitative facilities while crossing the Aegean and the Cretan Sea and save up to 20%!

Lane Sea Lines is a Greek ferry company establishe…


Levante Ferries

Book online your Levante Ferries tickets and start traveling from the Greek mainland to the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea with its high-quality vessels!

Levante Ferries is a Greek ferry company tha…


Liberty Lines

Book your tickets and travel with the legendary Liberty Lines across the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, feel the superiority of its ships and make memorable moments!

Liberty Lines ferries was founded in t…


Magic Sea Ferries

Pack your bags and get on board Magic Sea Ferries to connect from Agios Konstantinos with the beatiful, green and vivid Sporades Islands of the Aegean Sea!

Magic Sea Ferries is a carrier that operate…


Maistros Santorini

Book online your ferry tickets and start crossing the Aegean with Maistros Santorini of the qualified Santorini Cruises and enjoy your time in south Cyclades!

Boatmen Union Santorini is based in Mess…


Makri Travel

Begin your adventures by cruising from the Dodecanese Islands to the southern Turkish Riviera with the fast and reliable ferries of Makri Travel!

Makri Travel is a carrier based in Rhodes, Greece. It…


Meander Ferries

Book online your Meander Ferries tickets when you want to travel from the Greek islands towards the Turkish coast and benefit from offers by saving up to 20%!

Meander was founded in 1977 and is based…


Minoan Lines

Book your tickets online and endure the unique experience traveling with the luxurious Minoan Lines from Greece to Italy and from Athens / Piraeus to Crete!

Minoan Lines have been a leading Greek mar…


Moby Lines

Get on-board the signature ships of the massive Moby Lines, start your journeys from the Italian mainland and reach your destination in a charming atmosphere!

Firstly, named as Navigazione Arcipelago…


Navi Tremiti

Board on the fast vessels of Navi Tremiti and cross the Adriatic Sea, starting from Italy's east coast towards the popular and magnificent Tremiti Islands!

Navi Tremiti (Gruppo Armatori Garganici, N.…


Navigazione Libera del Golfo

Get on board and begin your vacation both on western and eastern Italy with the historic Navigazione Libera Del Golfo and enjoy a safe and relaxing journey!

Navigazione Libera Del Golfo’s history dat…


Phoenix Marine

Book online your Phoenix Marine ferry tickets and start cruising from the Greek island of Rhodes towards the Turkish coastal town Fethiye and save up to 20%!

Phoenix Marine has lately been renamed an…


Red Star Ferries

Begin your ferry crossings between Italy, western Greece and Albania with the Red Star Ferries fleet and witness the beauty of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas!

The Red Star Ferries shipping company whic…


Righetti Navi

Board on the fast vessels of Righetti Navi and cross the Adriatic Sea, starting from Italy's east coast, to reach Croatia's northern gorgeous lush islands!

Righetti Navi is an Italian shipping compan…


SAOS Ferries

Book online your ferry tickets with the fast and convenient SAOS Ferries and begin your maritime travels through the North Aegean and Dodecanese Islands!

SAOS Ferries or SAOS ANES is a Greek shipping…


Saronic Ferries

Book online your Saronic Ferries tickets and start cruising from the port of Piraeus to the around Greek islands and also get favorable discounts up to 20%!

Saronic Ferries connect the islands of Aeg…


Sea Dreams

Organize your journey through the beautiful blue Aegean Sea, from the Greek islands to the Turkish mainland, by booking online your Sea Dreams ferry tickets!

The Sea Dreams shipping company was estab…


Sea Speed Ferries

Get on board the OLYMPUS ferry of the new Sea Speed Ferries and travel from the Greek mainland towards the beautiful Milos, Santorini and Rethymno in Crete!

The Sea Speed Lines shipping company was f…



Make your reservation with the well-known Seajets which possesses the largest fleet with high-speed vessels and enjoy a fascinating voyage in the Aegean Sea!

Since its foundation in 1989, the company…


Sebeco Lines

Pack your things and book your trip with the new Sebeco Lines from Rhodes to Symi with their modern speedboat, Sebeco while enjoying the blue Aegean Sea!

Sebeco Lines is a new carrier, based in Agios…


Small Cyclades Lines

Book online your Small Cyclades Lines ferry, “Express Skopelitis” and gain a memorable experience traveling from the Greek mainland to the Greek islands!

Mikres Kyklades doesn’t only serve - despite …


Sunrise Lines

Book online your ferry tickets and start traveling from the Greek islands towards Turkey with the reliable Sunrise Lines that offer uninterrupted connections!

Sunrise Lines, established in 2003, offe…


Superfast Ferries

Book your tickets with Superfast Ferries and enjoy a high-quality and memorable experience traveling from Greece to Italy and from Athens to the Greek islands!

Anek Superfast Ferries is a big ferry c…


Symi Links

Organize your vacation and get on board the fast, modern and reliable Symi Links vessels which link the islands of south Aegean and Turkey's southwestern coast!

Founded in 1997, Symi Links is a shipp…



Hop between the Italian mainland to the huge islands of Sardinia and Sicily with the immense Tirrenia and feel the superiority of its fast and majestic vessels!

Founded in 1936 and based in Naples, I…



Cruise on the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas with the smooth, fast and consistent Toremar and visit the Tuscan Islands starting from the Italian west coast!

The shipping company with the full name of T…


Triton Ferries

Make your online reservation and start traveling with Triton Ferries from the port of Lavrio in south Attica and reach Kea and Kythnos with their ferry Ionis!

Formerly known as AVLEMON Lines, the shi…


Tuana Maritime

Book online your Tuana Maritime ferry and travel from the Greek islands to the Turkish mainland with its high-quality ships and services and save up to 20%!

The Tuana Maritime shipping company's most…


Turyol S. S.

Organize your Turyol journey by booking early and online your ferry tickets and enjoy a wonderful experience crossing the Aegean Sea from the Turkish mainland!

The shipping company was officially dev…


Ugur Jale

Start making memories by traveling from Ayvalik in Turkey's Coast to Greece's North Aegean Island, Lesvos (Mytilene) with the ferries of Ugur Jale!

Ugur Jale is a Turkish ferry company that provides …


Ventouris Ferries

Make your online reservations with Ventouris Ferries and embrace a unique and comfortable onboard experience while crossing the Ionian and Adriatic Seas!

The Ventouris Lines shipping company was esta…


Ventouris Sea Lines

Start traveling with Ventouris Sea Lines ferries starting from the ports of the Greek mainland towards the islands Kimolos, Kythnos, Milos, Sifnos and Serifos!

Ventouris Sea Lines was founded in 1987…


Yesil Marmaris Lines

Book online your Yesil Marmaris Lines ferry tickets and be fond of the safe and exciting voyage between Marmaris in the Turkish mainland and the Greek islands!

The shipping company is a pioneer in th…


Zante Ferries

Book your tickets online and start journeying with Zante Ferries from the Greek mainland to the beautiful Greek islands and limit your expenses with discounts!

Zante Ferries were known before as Cycl…


Nel Lines

Book online your ferry with Nel Lines and experience its advanced ships when journeying from the Greek mainland to the Greek Islands and save up to 20%!

Established in 1972 and for 35 years, Nel (Nau…