Check-in & embarkation

The check-in and embarkation bring you even closer to your destination. Read this info to avoid unnecessary delays and inconveniences at the port.

That differs from one port to another. Most ports have parking spaces near the check-in points.

Usually, yes, as long as you send us per email the vehicle type, make, model, license plate number and registration country, and on condition that the measurements (length and height) are the same as the vehicle stated in your booking. Please have your booking reference number ready to share with our customer support team to make the amendment.

Unfortunately not. A ticket is non-transferable. The passenger indicated on the ticket should be the same as the passenger getting on board. If you wish to replace the passenger(s) displayed in your booking, you will have to cancel your booking through the my account section of our website and make a new one with the passenger(s) who travels.

During check-in and/ or embarkation, the carrier reserves the right to measure the dimensions of the vehicles declared in your booking. In case of discrepancies, passengers will be required to pay the difference.

isferry and its employees reserve the right to carry out detailed safety checks on bookings made by credit card etc., upon check-in and before embarkation. Furthermore, in case of fraudulent payment, isferry and its employees reserve the right to refuse embarkation and conduct all legal claims against the user.

isferry reserves the right to cancel a booking* if:

  • The passenger and travel leader information is insufficient or false (unknown or deceptive phone numbers and/ or email addresses, incorrect names of passengers and travel leader, wrong sizes/ types/ categories of vehicles etc.)
  • Credit card holder data are incorrect
  • copies of necessary documents (passport, identity card, proof of credit card ownership etc.) cannot be provided on time if requested

*the booking terms for a customer cancellation are applicable.

The driver himself will drive the vehicle on board in compliance with SOLAS safety. Vehicle escorts and passengers with no cars will have to walk on board. Vehicles are called on board according to a determined order by the ship's crew and can be parked on any parking deck. On the parking deck, the driver will be given a receipt stating the parking deck. The parking deck entrance is forbidden for safety reasons during the trip. Therefore, it is important to take from the vehicle everything you may need with you.

Consider ca. 30 minutes as appropriate for passengers as well as for vehicles. This may differ from one ferry ship to another and mostly depends on your accommodation on board, the parking position of your vehicle on deck and the number of passengers and vehicles traveling.

You have two check-in options:

  1. Web check-in: The web check-in is usually available 48 hours before each scheduled departure (depending on the carrier). Make sure to check-in timely and issue your electronic boarding ticket.
  2. Port office check-in: The port office check-in is available ca. 1 to 3 hours before each scheduled departure. Make sure to check-in timely and to collect your physical boarding ticket before embarking on the ferry. Please note that the check-in closes ca. forty-five (45') minutes before departure for international routes and ca. thirty (30') minutes before departure for domestic routes.

Passengers should present themselves at the check-in and/ or boarding point at least two (2) hours before departure for international routes and at least one (1) hour before departure for domestic routes. After this time, the carrier reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any fare refund.

The following documents are necessary for travel:

  1. The booking reference number(s) of your reservation
  2. The identity card (Schengen countries) or passport of each passenger
  3. The car registration and driving license (in case you travel with a vehicle)

The carrier reserves the right to

  • refuse boarding* without the necessary travel documents,
  • measure the dimensions of the vehicle(s) stated in the booking and require passengers to pay the difference in case of discrepancies.

*If a passenger is banned from entering another country, the passenger solely bears the return costs.
*In case the Port Authority imposes a fine due to invalid or missing travel documents, the fine costs are solely borne by the passenger.
*Passport holders of all countries should contact the respective consulate for details regarding their entry into another country.
*In case a passenger wishes to disembark before the ship leaves the port or in a different port from the one stated in the booking, he is obliged to declare his decision to the ship’s accounting office and take with him all baggage and vehicle(s).
*In any case, our partner travel agency’s booking terms also apply.

It depends on the carrier and the route. Your ticket is valid for a specific date, time, port, ship and carrier. Most of the time, it is up to the carrier to modify your ticket for the next possible departure. Amendment or cancellation fees may be applied, though. Please call the port office directly if you notice that you will not arrive at the port on time. They will suggest the best solution for you.

An e-ticket is a ticket in fully electronic form with which you can check-in online to avoid any queue delays at the port offices for boarding ticket issuance. With an e-ticket, you have the actual boarding ticket already in your hand and are ready for boarding - as you already know the procedure from airline companies.

Not all carriers have implemented the e-ticket yet. If a carrier offers web check-in, we will notify you during the booking process and upon receipt of your booking confirmation. In this case, it will be possible to continue immediately or at a later stage with the web check-in procedure and the online issuance of your boarding ticket. With the web check-in, it is not necessary anymore to check-in at the port office and you are ready for boarding!

Kindly note that if web check-in is not possible, you must follow the standard check-in procedure. For more information, please refer to “Where do I find the port office (check-in/ embarkation) for collecting my boarding ticket?” and the booking terms.

All passengers, with or without vehicles, must check-in (if not already done online through web check-in). During the check-in procedure, the boarding ticket is issued. The boarding ticket is essential to board the ship and must be kept until disembarkation.

In addition, every carrier has its check-in and embarkation rules. However, check-in usually starts 2 hours before departure (for domestic routes) and 3 hours before departure (for international routes). We point out that the check-in for domestic routes ends 30 minutes and for international routes 45 minutes before the ferry's departure. After the expiration of that time, the carrier is entitled to cancel your booking without a refund.

The address and telephone number of the port offices are listed in your booking confirmation. In addition, you can find direction signs in every port, showing you the way to the embarkation point of your ferry. The port office is usually there too. Nevertheless, always go to the port offices listed in your booking confirmation as for domestic routes they can be outside the port area and the check-in is handled by associated with the carrier port agencies. 

All types of passenger vehicles - even your camper, caravan or trailer! isferry appreciates the different needs of travelers and developed a booking system that allows booking any passenger vehicle.

Noteworthy is that the ferry ship provides garage spaces. In addition, the availability of vehicle spaces must be given. Some smaller ferry ships do not have big garage spaces and availability is booked fast, especially in high season.

When booking, be sure to enter the correct vehicle dimensions to get the best price and avoid any surcharges at check-in. Please go to our booking terms section for more information on that.

Be aware that when traveling with your vehicle, you will not have access to it during the entire crossing. On the camping on board page, you will get additional information for the Italy Greece Italy routes.