General questions

Is something missing? Our general questions section accommodates remaining requests that can arise before, while and after completing your booking and journey.

We do not handle your personal data otherwise than stated in our privacy policy or where we are required to handle otherwise by law.

The search and booking system of isFerry is a ferry aggregator platform that displays and compares ferry services and products from cooperating partners worldwide (travel agencies, ferry operators). By using the search and booking system of isFerry, you can compare ferry schedules and prices and eventually book by entering your personal data, selecting any optional extras offered by our partners (travel agencies, ferry operators) and proceeding with your payment details. The whole procedure, from searching and comparing the best suitable ferry arrangement to the booking and payment completion, takes place on our platform without ever having to leave the isferry website.

The search and booking procedure of isferry is easy, fast, secure, and optimized for mobile devices to offer the best online booking experience. With isferry you don’t need to care about booking procedures anymore. The only thing that should be in your best interest is to find the most suitable ferry crossing.

The search and booking system is free to use and isferry does not add fees. We cooperate with our worldwide partners (travel agencies, ferry operators) who sell ferry tickets through our online platform. We receive from them a small commission for our services.

Our worldwide partners (travel agencies, carriers) are responsible for your booking, although we fully handle all customer support requests. Each partner (travel agencies, carrier) sets its prices on our platform. Our search and booking engine displays these partners who offer the requested route at the lowest price. Of course, prices and routes aren’t set or influenced by us at all (we show the rates on behalf of our partners), although we make every effort to ensure the information you see is accurate and updated. Nevertheless, prices can frequently change, mainly depending on availability. Once you have selected, booked and paid for a suitable ferry crossing, this booking and the payment transaction are automatically completed with our partner (travel agency, ferry operator) but always without ever leaving our platform.