Vehicles & trailers

With isferry’s simplified online booking engine, you can select up to 4 passenger vehicles, including boat and baggage trailers, in one booking!


Passenger vehicles

isferry offers you the possibility to book online up to 4 passenger vehicles (incl. trailers) in one booking:

  • Add up to 4 vehicles
  • Select vehicle type(s) incl. trailers
  • Select dimensions (width and height)
  • Done!

At the time of booking, a dimensions guide is available for selecting the actual dimensions of your vehicle(s):

  • The total vehicle dimensions must include roof and rear boxes
  • During check-in or embarkation, the port staff can measure your vehicle(s)
  • If discrepancies occur regarding the stated vehicle type as well as between actual and booking dimensions, you will have to pay a price difference on site


Vehicle types

Passengers often choose to travel with their vehicle(s) on board! We cover all vehicle types:

  • Car, Jeep, Minibus up to 10 meters in length and 4 meters in height
  • Motorcycle, Motorcycle with a sidecar up to 1600 cc
  • Camper, Minibus with WC (officially converted)

Please check our camping on board pages if you travel with your camper.



Increasingly popular are bookings with trailers. With isferry, it's possible - select the predefined vehicle-trailer combination and dimensions of each and be done!


Trailer types

  • Boat trailer up to 10 meters in length and 4 meters in height
  • Baggage trailer up to 10 meters in length and 4 meters in height
  • Caravan

Caravans can be hauled on board and parked with the primary vehicle in a garage with or without a 220V power supply. It depends on the route and the offered service option.

By selecting online the camping on board Italy Greece service, you can get many advantages!


Navigate to our FAQ page for the most common questions our customers ask regarding this topic and our booking terms page for information on vehicles and trailers policy.

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