Vehicles & Trailers on Board

With isFerry you can easily book online all types of passenger vehicles and boat or baggage trailers! Book up to 4 vehicles (incl. trailers) at once!

Just choose the type of passenger vehicle and, if needed, the type of trailer it is hauling. Then select the dimensions (width and height) of each. Done! A dimensions guide option is available in order to retrieve the actual dimensions of your vehicles.

For more information on the vehicles and trailers policy, please, read the General Terms & Conditions.

Check our offer on all types of passenger vehicles and trailers.

Passenger Vehicles

With isFerry it's an ease to book online up to 4 passenger vehicles (incl. trailers) in one single booking! Because passengers choose more often to travel with their vehicle(s) on board, we cover all possible types of Cars, Jeeps and Minibuses up to 9 meters in length and 3.7 meters in height.

Of course, Motorcycles and Motorcycles with a side car up to 1600 cc can be also booked online.

If you are travelling with a Camper (Motorhome or officially converted Minibus with WC) you can choose between two options:

  1. Accommodate your vehicle in a closed garage without electricity supply and without access during the whole crossing time
  2. Book the camping on board service (only valid for the Italy-Greece-Italy routes.

For the second option, please, visit our Camping on Board pages.


Increasingly popular get bookings with trailers. With isFerry it's possible - just choose the vehicle-trailer combination of yours! Boat and baggage trailers up to 9 meters in length and 3.7 meters in height are available.

Even caravans can be hauled on board and parked together with the primary vehicle in a closed garage without electricity supply. Otherwise, if you wish to get advantage of a comprehensive caravan experience on board, no problem! Book online the camping on board option (only valid for the Italy-Greece-Italy routes)! Please, visit our Camping on Board pages for more detail information on this.


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