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Ferry to Alcudia - Looking through sail shaped sunshades at the Ayuntamiento clock tower, old town Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain.
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Take the ferry to Alcudia and reach the north coast of Mallorca, one of the most attractive areas of the island considered as a favourite resort for families!

The vibrant northern town of Alcudia is truly a year-round location, offering life, history and culture throughout all seasons. Lying just one kilometre inland from the famous holiday resort of Port d’Alcudia, it’s the ideal place to taste rich Mallorcan heritage, without having to stray too far off the beaten path.
Port d'Alcudia is a popular and family friendly resort town in the northeast of Mallorca.
A beautiful, clean beach, and boardwalk with restaurants & hotels.

The establishment of Alcudia as a strategic port dates back centuries, long before the Romans developed it as a city in 123 BC. Soon after its initial development, the city came under attack from various empires, including the Byzantines and the Arabs. However, between 1229 and 1231, the Catalan Christians finally took control of Alcudia, along with the rest of the island.

Culturally, Alcudia is Mallorca's vibrant centre with shops selling local handicrafts, an annual jazz festival and concerts throughout the year. As one of the most well-preserved walled cities in the world, Alcudia is a joy to discover and the perfect accommodation option for exploring northern Mallorca.

Arrange your ferry trip to Alcudia in advance and have a wonderful holiday in the Balearic!

Ferry connections to Alcudia

There are ferry connections to Alcudia from Barcelona, Toulon, and Ciutadella de Menorca.

Below are some of the most popular itineraries to the port of Alcudia:

  • To Alcudia From Menorca: There is a ferry crossing with an under 2-hour journey
  • To Alcudia from Barcelona: There are 1 or 2 daily ferry crossings from Barcelona to the port of Alcudia in Mallorca, with a trip duration of about 6 hrs
  • To Alcudia from Toulon: The crossing operates up to 2 times each week with sailing durations from around 13 hours

Ferry port of Alcudia

Ferry port d'Alcudia is a popular and family friendly resort town in the northeast of Mallorca. A beautiful, clean beach, and boardwalk with restaurants & hotels. Located in the bay of Alcudia, 2km from the main town, the ferry port of Alcudia occupies a privileged position in the north of Mallorca. Its proximity to mainland Spain is the reason why the port has been a major centre of trade since Roman times. Divided into two sections, the port today serves both merchant ships and pleasure boats. One dock caters specifically for industrial ships, such as those bringing coal and LPG. The other caters for ferries, fishing boats and private yachts.

Having won awards for its infrastructure, the Port of Alcudia also has a marina that can accommodate 750 boats of various sizes. In addition, due to the port's growing reputation, the neighbourhoods around the port have evolved over time into tourist-friendly resorts. Travelers arriving on the island with ferry tickets to Alcudia can easily find several hotels, restaurants, clubs, transportation options and shops next to the pier

Get around Alcudia

There are many ways to get around Alcudia. By bus, taxi, by renting a car or a scooter, by bicycle and for those more energetic, on foot!

By Taxi

Taxis are a good option. Passengers arriving on ferry tickets to Alcúdia can find taxis just outside the port. Drivers usually have fixed prices for hotels, towns and top attractions in Mallorca printed on a card. Otherwise, you can always book one online by visiting Alcudia Taxis.

By Local Buses

Local buses between towns on the island are a cost-saving option when time is not an issue. Please, visit Alcudia Buses for more details.

On Foot

Alcudia's Old Town and central neighbourhoods invite travellers to explore their picturesque corners and hidden corners on foot.

To Alcudia from Palma de Mallorca Airport

Upon arrival at the Palma de Mallorca Airport, you can get to the Alcudia port easily by shuttle bus, private transfer, taxi and rental car. See below your alternatives in further detail.

By Taxi

Taxis are always a safe solution. Grab one outside the airport's arrivals terminals and go to the Alcudia port in approximately 45 minutes or call one from Mallorca Airport Taxis.

By Bus

There is no direct bus from Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI) to Alcudia. However, there are services departing from 547-Aeroport - Arribades and arriving at Pol lentia via Estacio Intermodal. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 1h 54m. Please, take a look in Mallorca Airport Bus.

Holidays in Alcudia

The main tourist centre in the northern part of Mallorca in Spain, Alcudia is full of activities and very popular with families. Its 14km long beach stretches all the way to Can Picafort, but it's not just the beaches. The old town of Alcudia, surrounded by a medieval wall, is well preserved with houses dating back to the 13th century and many small tavernas where you can sit with the locals and enjoy delicious traditional Spanish dishes. Visit on market day to enjoy wonderful stalls and get a taste of the Mallorca atmosphere.

For a change from the beach and pool, Alcudia has plenty to offer. Families will enjoy the Hidropark, where among other things there are all kinds of slides and wave pools. In addition, Alcudia has a stunning natural environment and a full range of infrastructure where you will find all the nautical, water and underwater sports and activities you can imagine.

Beaches in Alcudia

There are more than 200 beaches in Mallorca’s beautiful coastline. Most of the people who travel to Mallorca in summer are looking for a nice beach to lay down and enjoy the sun near their hotel. Our experts have prepared this article for you to help you choose the best beach near Alcudia and in the north area of the island of Mallorca.
Mallorca is a haven for sunseekers, and Alcúdia’s spectacular coastline, dotted with alluring sandy beaches, further adds to the island’s flair as one of the top year-round holiday destinations in Europe.

Some of the beaches are the following:

  • Alcudia Beach
  • Puerto Pollensa Bay
  • Playa Pollensa
  • Formentor beach
  • Cala Sant Vicenç
  • Cala Castell
  • Aucanada
  • S’illot
  • Coll baix
  • Sa Marina
  • Sant Pere
  • Cala Carbo
  • Cala Bóquer
  • Cala Figuera
  • Cala Murta
  • Muro Beach
  • Playa de Sant Joan
  • Can Picafort Beach
  • Platja de Son Real
  • Na Patana Beach

What To Do in Alcudia

Alcudia (Puerto Alcudia) offers great holiday attractions with its variety of quality restaurants, leisure activities, theme parks, night spots, shops, cultural activities and nice beaches for the holidaymakers. There are lots of great day out attractions and many beautiful sights to visit and see in Alcudia.

Below you’ll find our pick of the top list to do in Alcudia:

  • A fun day out at Hidropark Alcudia
  • Wander around Alcudia Old Town
  • Enjoy wine tasting
  • Visit the Museo Sa Bassa Blanca
  • Explore the Ruins of Pollentia
  • A visit to Puig i Cova de Sant Marti
  • Participating to daily boat trips
  • A night out at Alcudia discos, bars & pubs

Hotels in Alcudia

For hotels in Alcudia you can have a huge variety of hotels, from the mid-range and Budget hotels to the most luxurious! The luxury hotels and resorts offer high quality facilities, relaxing spa treatments. Moreover there are hotels that offer luxury suites and villas surrounded by a range of wonderful gastronomic options, facilities and activities for children and families, as well as many other amenities. However, there are also very budget-friendly hotels, apartments with all-inclusive packages, bed and breakfast and Alcudia airbnb.

We indicatively give you a list of Alcudia Hotels:

  • Club Mac Alcudia
  • Zafiro Palace Alcudia
  • Alcudia Garden Aparthotel
  • Bellevue Club Alcudia
  • Aluasoul Alcudia Bay
  • JS sol de Alcudia
  • Viva Golf Alcudia
  • Viva Sunrise Alcudia
  • Zafiro Alcudia
  • Iberostar Alcudia
  • Aparthotel Sol de Alcudia
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