Ferry to Capoiale


Tourists who arrive by ferry to Capoiale are landing on a coastal area with a big soft and sandy beach located close to the huge and famous Varano Lake! 

Passengers who are traveling to Capoiale (Cagnano Varano) or Capojale, are reaching a beautiful summer destination located around 265 kilometers east of Rome. This small coastal town contains a big sandy beach which with its pine and eucalypt trees, golden sand and blue waters, form a stunning landscape. When in Capojale, there are many things to do and visit especially in the places around it. Lake Varano is probably one of the most well-known sites nearby which is the biggest coastal lake in the whole Italy. There are plenty of accommodation options waiting for you in Capojale. Book one and enjoy a relaxing holiday in Italy’s graphical coast.

Capojale is a very small village with not more than 100 inhabitants. Ferry routes Capoiale occurs from and to Tremiti with most of them running in summer months.

Capoiale Port

Capoiale port is located in the northeastern part of the town, consisted of two long piers which form the Capoiale river that pieces together the Varano Lake (Lago di Varano) with the Adriatic Sea. 

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