Ferry to Cavo

Ferry to Cavo - Sail boat rounding the north west promontory of Elba Island, Italy.
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Tourists traveling by ferry to Cavo are arriving at a very famous location, especially for families, with a big variety of relaxing and delightful beaches!

Passengers who arrive in Cavo are, more specifically, being disembarked at a village located northeast in Elba, 7 kilometers from Rio Marina, in the Tuscan Archipelago which belongs in the municipality of Rio, province of Livorno and it accommodates approx. 650 inhabitants. Cavo took its name from the word "capo" which means promontory and has become a very well-known station in the later years particularly for those who seek relaxation and transparent crystal waters as well as lengthy free beaches. The pebble Cavo beach is one of them, very quiet but also having many restaurants close so you can have your lunch after swimming or sunbathing. Another famous beach is Spaggia di Frugoso and the main reason is that it is consisted of silver sand possibly made of pyrite, one of the basic minerals existing in Cavo's coast. Cala delle Alghe is a renowned rocky cove with crystalline waters that many tourists take advantage of and swim. Most of the beaches provide sandy seabeds which are very friendly to kids. For those who want to do more than swimming, there are sailing, diving and snorkeling schools where you can explore the island's underwater world. Canoe and paddle boat renting is also available.

As referred above, Cavo is rich in minerals especially in Hematite, pyrite and iron and this is the principal justification for the colorful sand at the beaches (gold, red, silver and black). A Mineral and Archeological Park is available for visiting in Cavo as well as the Botanical Gardens near Saint Catherine's hermitage where everyone can witness the variety of wild and rare plants on the isle. 30 minutes walking from Cavo, in mount Lentisco, the Mausoleo Tonietti finds itself. Designed in 1900 for the Tonietti family which ran the iron mines back in the times, it is definitely a notable site that also offers an outstanding view of the Tyrrhenian Sea despite the fact that it is not very well maintained. Speaking of beautiful views, Giove Tower cannot be missed since it allows visitors to observe the limitless sea and the mines of Rio Marina. At the port of Cavo (Cavo porto), there is a lovely seaside walk named "lungomare Vespucci" which will also lead you to Capo Castello, the spot of the ancient Roman villa. Last but not least, don't forget to taste the great local dessert wine "Aleatico" after a traditional Italian meal.

Cavo ferry connections

Cavo is the northernmost village in Elba and its facing Piombino on the west coast of Italy. There are ferry connections throughout the whole year, mostly with conventional vessels which provide garages, snack bars, big lounges and variety of seats so as to make the journeys pleasant. 

The Piombino to Cavo route does not last more than half an hour and occurs at least twice a day all year around. There is also a crossing to Portoferraio village, western of Cavo that takes only 15 minutes and occurs daily. 

Ferry port cavo

Cavo is a very small village in the northeastern part of Elba excluded from mass tourism. Nevertheless, there are bus stops and taxis which can transfer you around Cavo and to the other villages of Elba. Check below your alternatives:


There is a bus service running in Cavo and throughout the entire island of Elba. For further details about the stops and schedules, please visit Cavo Bus.


In order to organize a taxi transfer, please call +39 328 169 8061.

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