Ferry to Evia

Ferry to Evia - Photo from famous volcanic islands of Lihadonisia with clear water beaches, North Evoia island, Greece.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Evia arrive at the second-largest island of Greece located in a short distance from the county of Attica!

An island with so many to offer for those you love adventure. You can go kayaking in Halkida, horse-riding in Heretria, hiking on the mountain shelter of M. Nikolaou or walk the four-hour path of the Dimosari Gorge. And of course, don’t forget the famous thermal springs of Edispsos who will heal your body and soul. Halkida the capital of the island is just a breath away from Athens where one can enjoy delicious seafood and fresh fish next to the sea.

When traveling to the destination Evia one enjoys its numerous beaches hiding in every corner of the island. One of the most beautiful ones is the beach of Lichadonisia, a small island complex that emerged after a great earthquake thousands of years ago which the locals call Seychelles of Greece. Other beaches tourists can take a swim to are Agia Anna, Agios Georgios Lichada, Agiokampos, Pefki and many more. Taking a ferry from Halkida one will have enjoyed a vacation full of activities, good food, sightseeing, and dives in crystal clear waters.

Evia can be reached either by ferry from Rafina or by car from Athens crossing the old or the new bridge of Halkida. What’s remarkable is that waters under the old bridge change direction every six hours due to the gravity of the moon and the sea level being different on the north and south Evoikos Gulf. Evia routes are made by local ferries departing daily from Rafina and reach the port of Marmaris.

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