Ferry to Farmakonisi

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Passengers travelling by ferry to Farmakonisi arrive on a small Greek Dodecanese Island in the Aegean Sea, with a population of only 10 inhabitants!

Pharmakonisi (Island of Pharmakousa and Pharmakos) is a small Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea in the Dodecanese, said to have taken its name from the herbs that existed there in ancient times. The distance from the coast of Asia Minor is 5.5 nautical miles. To the north, at 9.5 nautical miles, is Agathonisi. It is arid and rocky, while its flora is not particularly rich, as well as its fauna. The only things that abound on the island are the crayfish and octopus in the sea around it. It has an area of 4 square kilometres. It belongs administratively to the municipality of Leros in the prefecture of Dodecanese and is located 12 nautical miles from the island. northeast of Leros.

Book your ferry tickets in advance because they are selling out fast, and enjoy a relaxing vacation on this charming vintage island!

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