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Tourists who travel by ferry to Filicudi, the volcanic “Bone Island”, especially snorkelers, will be charmed by the rich waters and the unspoiled nature!

Being named the “Bone Island” because of the many pirates who spent their last moments on it, Filicudi in Italy is also a result of a volcanic eruption and this is the main reason of the beauty it offers. Layers of lava and weird but also captivating rock formations can be seen everywhere. The most famous layer is the “Fossa delle Felci” while the most recent one is that of “Montagnola”. Visitors will be definitely enchanted by the Grotta del Blue Marino (rocky coves in the sea). This combination of volcanic rock with white, black, green, red colors and turquoise waters is something out of this world. Experienced snorkelers will find very interesting the dives in the underwater world of the island too but the hiring of a boat might be needed.

Moving forward, in Capo Graziano, the ancient village inhabited in the Bronze Age is a site not to be missed and can be reached by following the road of the one of the two fishing village’s on the island, Pecorini a Mare. Generally, Filicudi is an undiscovered island with amazing nature and can be better explored on foot and hiking. The island’s local cuisine consists of fresh seafood of course, vegetables, oil and delicious wine and will not disappoint at all.
Filicudi’s total area is approx. 10 square kilometers and with a highest point of 775 meters (Monte Fossa Felci). It is also located northeast of Palermo and is one of the seven Aeolian islands.

Ferry routes Filicudi include the routes from and to Lipari, Milezzo, Rinella, Salina and Vulcano and most of them occurring in summer months.

Filicudi port

The Filicudi port is situated in the southeastern area of the island, having Sicily on the south and Salina on the east. Near the port, tourists can find a ticket office, restaurants, bars, some stores for the necessaries and of course, hotels and apartments. In order to get around Filicudi, you can rent a boat or a scooter otherwise there are friendly drivers offering tours at the island's sights.

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