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Tourists who are traveling with ferry to Forio, the busiest town of Ischia in Italy, are going to witness magical sunsets followed by the famous local wine!

One of the two largest settlements in Ischia, Forio is a stunning place and probably one of Italy's most loved destinations by tourists every summer. It is situated in the west side of Ischia in the Metropolitan City of Naples and expands from the northernmost point of the island to its southernmost, covering an area of around 13 square kilometers. Among this area, visitors can find anything they desire; from unspoiled nature, crystal clear beaches, a historic old center with interesting buildings and landmarks to luxurious hotels and spas. Forio is also worldwide known for its winery production and you should definitely accompany your meals with their delicious product. 

A part of the town is mountainous since it is positioned at the slopes of mount Monte Epomeo, an inactive volcano almost 800 meters high. The other part contains beautiful white sand beaches with Citara Beach being the most popular and surely the most charming in Ischia. In the internals, you can find many picturesque buildings and paths full of shops, restaurants and cafeterias. For those who love sightseeing, the churches Chiesa del Soccorso and S. Carlo Borromeo along with the Torrione  and Wine Museums, are the main attractions of the village followed by the gardens Ravino and La Mortella which provide excellent views over Ischia and are ideal places for photoshoots. 

As referred above, Forio hosts the most alluring beach in Ischia but since it will be probably crowded, for those who prefer more privacy, the beaches Cava dell Isola, San Francesco and Chiaia are some alternatives. Forio is also famous for its thermal pools located in the little village Panza, south of Forio and for its thermal parks like Poseidon Thermal Gardens. 

To conclude, Forio makes up a perfect destination for summer holidays as it combines mountainous terrains with crystal clear sea, plenty of unspoiled nature, luxurious and budget-friendly hotels and restaurants, interesting landmarks, dazzling sceneries and of course, authentic Italian food and tasty wine! 

Forio Port

Forio port is located in the northwestern part of the town surrounded and protected by a dock and a breakwater. Near the port you will find restaurants and cafes so as to have a meal after your journey. Moreover, in order to get around the town by the time you step your foot on land, you can either use the bus or a taxi. 

Check below in more details:


The bus stop is not further than 300 meters from the port. Bus tickets can be purchased from the shops and from the bus office near the port. More information about the timetables and stops in Forio Buses.


Taxis are easy to find but have in mind that they are more expensive in exchange of comfort. Please, visit Forio Taxis and call one in advance.

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