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Ferry to Fourni - Fishing boats at the beach of Kampi village on Fourni island in Greece.
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Hop on a ferry to Fourni Island and take advantage of this unique and amazing opportunity to travel back in time and discover a part of old Greece up close!

Fourni is a beautiful and exciting island between the islands of Samos and Ikaria in the Aegean Sea. If you are looking for a quiet destination and an authentic Greek everyday life, Fourni is the perfect place to be as it remains untouched by mass tourism and still preserves an unspoiled charm.

The ancients finds and ruins on the island state that Fourni has a rich history dating back to the Ionians and the Classical and Hellinistic times. Fourni, anciently known as Corsiae or Fournoi Korseon, is a part of a chain of small greek islands that belong to the eastern Aegean that were once used as a refuge against pirate invasions and is also known for being a hub of Ancient World with more than 53 shipwrecked found in the area.

The largest settlement on the island is Fourni town and then the village of Chrysomilia on the north. Most of the inhabitants are fishermen and beekeepers and the island has turned into one of the most important fishing centers of the Aegean with a relatively large fishing fleet. However, during the summer season most of the locals are occupied with tourist activities even though there aren’t many tourist facilities on the island yet.

If you are someone who seeks privacy, relaxation and a nature enthusiast who wants to enjoy top quality fish book in advance your Fourni ferry tickets and start organizing your stay!





Reaching Fournoi by ferry

The island is an ideal destination for seclusion, freedom and peace and has yet to be discovered by mass visitors due to its far distance from Athens. In general though it is really easy to reach the island as there is a ferry connection from many ports on the mainland and from many islands of the Aegean

  • Piraeus to Fourni: There are at least two ferry routes available per week from the mainland and the main port of Piraeus to Fourni all year round but the duration of the sailing is approximately 9 hours with conventional ferries that allow passengers to travel with their vehicles
  • Thessaloniki to Fourni: There is also one route available per week from the port of Thessaloniki, the largest in the north Aegean and the duration of the trip is approximately 18 hours
  • Kavala to Fourni: You can also travel to Fourni from the port of Kavala but the distance is quite large and the duration of the trip is approximately 17 hours

In addition to the mainland there is also a frequent connection between Fourni and some popular islands of the Cycladic and the Dodecanese complex like Syros, Limnos, Chios and Samos.

Ferry port Fourni

The ferry port of Fourni is located on the west coast of the island in Chora and has the name of the settlement. All the ferries from the mainland and the neighboring islands dock there even though there are also 2 other smaller ports, one in Thymaina and one in Chrysomilia. At the main port of Fourni visitors can find many tourist facilities like grocery stores, cafes, hotels, taverns and a small short term parking lot..

Public transportation

As Fourni is a quite small island there is no public transport available. You can travel with your car, motorcycle or even rent a car there as the island has a really good road network with some dirt roads too.

Holidays in Fourni

During your stay in Fourni you get to relax and escape the hectic rhythms of city life, you can enjoy peaceful moments and get in touch with nature. Wear your trainers and explore the wild nature through the network of old trails of the island that leads to picturesque chapels, remote villages, spectacular secluded beaches and hilltops with breathtaking views of the Aegean sea.

Get ready to discover Fourni and let us help you organize your to-do list!

  • Taste the delicious fresh fish in one of the seaside taverns of the villages of the island
  • Walk around the picturesque fishing village of Chrysomilia
  • Go for sailing and you may see sea turtles, monk seals and dolphins
  • Visit the ancient quarry in Petrokopio
  • Admire the roman sarcophagus located on the square of Fourni
  • Wander through the whitewashed alleys in Chora
  • Drink an evening coffee under the plane trees or spend your evening in one traditional kafeneio (coffee shop) and drink some tsipouro
  • Take some photos of the three windmills in Kampi
  • Try or buy from the small shops some of the local delicacies: thyme honey, wild herbs, ladotiri (cheese with olive oil)

Hotels & accommodations in Fourni Korseon

The most convenient place in Fourni to stay with the most accommodation options is the port and main settlement of the island where you will also find a few tourist facilities, taverns and cafes. There are also a few hotels and studios close to the beach of Kambi. If you visit the island during August it is better to book in advance so as not to risk being sold out.

Please find below some of the best rated hotels:

  • Fourni Archipelago Hotel
  • Patras Rooms
  • Blios Apartments
  • Georgia Studios
  • Costareli
  • Nektaria on the Beach Fourni
  • Studios Rena

Fourni beaches

Τhe long coastline of Fourni offers many small creeks with exotic crystal clear waters and bright blue colors. The majority of the beaches aren't equipped with any service, ideal to enjoy calmness and privacy but we suggest you bring some food or drinks with you. Only a few of them are partly organized and all of them are easily accessible even on foot.

Some of the best rated beaches of the island:

  • Psili Ammos: located 2 km north of the town of Fourni. A small partly organized sandy beach with shallow waters
  • Kambi: located 1 km south of the town. The most beautiful and popular beach with crystal clear waters and some tamarisk trees providing natural shade
  • Bali: located 5 km northeast of Fourni town. A sandy beach with small pebbles, clear shallow waters and a beautiful rocky landscape
  • Petrokopio: located 4 km south of the town. One of the most beautiful and mesmerizing beaches with emerald green waters and white pebbles
  • Kamari: located 10 km north east of Fourni Town. A magnificent beach with a rocky landscape, a peaceful surrounding and deep waters with ancient ruins that you can dive and explore
  • Chrysomilia: located 15 km northeast of Fourni Town. A sandy beach with crystal clear waters protected from strong winds

Island Hopping from Fourni

The location of the island makes it an ideal starting point for some island hopping during your stay in the North Aegean. Choose one of the many direct and frequent ferry routes, book your ferry tickets and don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the following beautiful islands:

  • Ikaria
  • Chios
  • Lesvos
  • Samos
  • Lipsi
  • Patmos
  • Mykonos
  • Syros
  • Kos
  • Lemnos
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