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Ferry to Genoa - The high narrow house and Genoa is a historical port of city in northern Italy.
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Tourists who travel by ferry to Genoa are visiting the capital city of Liguria in northern Italy which is also known as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus!

Genoa is a powerful trade center with a long and rich history since the Middle Ages. It is considered to be the sixth-largest city in entire Italy with the most important port. Except for the fact that it is the birthplace of the worldwide known explorer, Christopher Columbus, Genoa is also known for its tourist industry, art, music and delicious cuisine.

The old town of Genoa is one of the most populated cities in Europe and also, a part of it belongs in the World Heritage List. It is no coincidence that the city itself has been given the name “La Superba” which means “The Proud One” and this is because of its impressive backstory and magnificent landmarks.

Despite the fact that Genoa has not been touched by mass tourism, it would be wise to book your ferry tickets to Genoa in advance in order to make sure that you will find at your desired dates.

Ferry Routes To & From Genoa

Genoa is a major Italian port city and starting point especially for travelers from northwest Europe. Some popular routes to and from Genoa are:

Genoa - Barcelona: the crossing takes about 9.30 hours with the car-passenger ferry and occurs not less than 3 times a week.

Genoa - Palermo: the particular route lasts 9-11 hours depending on the vessel and the stops while it happens daily.

Genoa - Porto Torres: a 10-hour cruise to the northwestern port of Sardegna, taking place at least once a week.

Genoa ferry port

Facing the Ligurian Sea and being a part of the Italian Riviera in the Gulf of Genoa, the Genoa ferry port has always had an important role over the years. In terms of cargo shipping, it is by far the busiest port in Italy and also provides very modern facilities for the numerous annual passengers who are embarking or disembarking every year.

Get information on how to get to the port of Genoa from Cristoforo Colombo Airport and from the city center:

Genoa Airport Cristoforo Colombo to Genoa Port

Upon arrival at the Genoa International Airport, you can get to the Genoa Port easily by bus and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


Outside the arrivals terminal is the shuttle bus service Volabus which occurs at least once every hour and will take you directly to the city center. More information at the Genoa Airport Bus.


In front of the terminal is the taxi stand and taxis are available on a 24/7 basis. Grab one or book one online at the Genoa Airport Taxi.

Genoa City Center to Genoa Port

From the city center of Genoa, you can get to Genoa port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means.


There are two subway routes operating in Genoa and heading to the port. One starting from Stazione Genova Sturla and the other from Nuovo LIDO. Please check the Genoa Subway for further details.


Several bus schedules occur from many points in Genoa. Please visit the Genoa Bus in order to plan your transfer.


Taxis are present everywhere in town. You can grab one or visit the Genoa Taxis for more information.


Coming from France: Drive the highway A10/E10 starting from the border of France and reach Genoa in less than 2 hours.

Coming from Milan: Use the A7 road from the city of Milan and in about 2.30 hours you will be in Genoa.

Holidays in Genoa

In order to explore Genoa and its sites fully, you will need about 3-4 days. The city offers plenty of landmarks that will keep you busy all day. To start with, pay a visit to the house where Christopher Columbus spent his childhood and learn more about the famous navigator. Despite the fact the Genoa is a port town, it has a big mountainous part which contains the old neighborhood Castelletto Quarter, ideal for sightseeing. Do not forget to take a look at Le Strade Nuove and Palazzi dei Rolli in the historic center, an area included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

If you are looking for traffic and crowds, the Porto Antico in the place to be. It is the renovated ancient port, very lively with plenty of restaurants, cafeterias and shops.
Last but not least, as being a part of the Italian Riviera, Genoa provides beautiful beaches with beach bars, ideal for relaxing days.

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