Ferry to Ginostra

Ferry to Ginostra - The ginostra house and the volcano.
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People who travel by ferry to Ginostra, the village with the smallest port in the world, will appreciate the peace and the little things it offers!

Being on the west side of Stromboli, the island in the southwestern Italy, Ginostra is considered to be the smallest port in the world (until recently). The village of Ginostra is so small that there are only 40 permanent inhabitants and maybe around 10 donkeys and mules. This also means that there are no roads in it and the only way to approach it is by ferry. There are not many things to do or sites to visit in Ginostra. Walking and hiking to the volcano of the village is mostly the main thing along with joining the locals and learning about their way of life on the island. The most crowded place is the square near the church where locals and tourists gather and catch up. Snorkelers may find the island more interesting since it provides a rich underwater world with different species of life such as whales, dolphins, octopuses and sea urchins but also the old military shipwreck.

Ginostra contains only one grocery store and two restaurants which serve mostly the local seafood cuisine. Forget about sandy beaches and beach bars. There are only 3 places where you can swim and they are rocky in general. The fact that the village is so small and thus it provides the perfect relaxation and getaway from everyday life, it makes it a very popular destination for rich people who are seeking peace.

Ferry routes Ginostra occur from and to Vulcano, Lipari, Milazzo, Panarea, Rinella and Salina and most of them happening in high season months.

Book in advance your Ginostra ferry tickets and your accommodation on the island for the reason that they are being exhausted fast.

Ginostra port

Ginostra port is located in Stromboli's southwestern part facing the island of Panarea. On the right side of Stromboli, there is its little sister island, Strombolicchio. There are no ground services like buses and taxis and the only way to get around Ginostra is by using a mule or by walking. This is not a issue though, since the village is one with the port.

In the port area, you will find restaurants, accommodations and a little marketplace.

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