Ferry to Gorgona

Ferry to Gorgona - The Tuscan archipelago and Gorgona island. The village and port.
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After authorization, passengers traveling by ferry to Gorgona are landing on an island that contains a big agricultural penal colony producing a famous wine!

Tourists traveling to Gorgona, the smallest of the seven Tuscan islands, are going to experience a great and unique adventure without a doubt. It is a special island due to the fact that an agricultural prison, constructed as a working farm made in 1869, covers a big part of its surface and visitors can observe the convicts planting fruit, vegetables, feeding animals and producing the famous Italian wine labeled as "Gorgona". Tours on the isle must be arranged fifteen days ahead and permission from the Italian Ministry of Justice is required. No boat can approach it at a less distance than 500 meters and only a limited number of people can be accepted per day with the company of a guide and for a maximum four days a week, except for residents and prisoners. No photographic equipment is permissible as well.

Northeast of Gorgona where the beach Calla Dello Scalo lays, is the only entrance to the islet and generally, the most occupation is on its east side. After passing the beach you can find the little inhabited fishing village standing between Punta Gorgona on the south and Punta Zirri on the north, the two uppermost points with 254 and 231 meters height respectively. Wildlife, rich flora, mountains, rugged coasts and coves make the island a perfect station for the nature lovers and those who want to get the feeling of isolation.

It is notable to mention that since the approach in close distance to the island is restricted, its sea is untouched therefore very rich. Some of the best sights to visit on this place are the two old fortresses, one made by the Pisans and the other by the Medici. Torre Nuova (new tower) which was constructed by the Medici is a beautiful and historic watchtower of the 17th century while Torre Vecchia, constructed by the Pisans, is a 12th-century watchtower located in Costa del Cantoni providing one of the best views in Tuscany. Despite the fact that no Etruscan remains were found, it is believed that there were settlements from them and the Romans. In these old settlements stays the well known Villa Margherita. Similarly, since once inhabited by monks too, there are medieval monasteries waiting to be explored. Torre dell 'Orologio (clock tower), the church of San Gorgonio, Grotta del Blue Marino and the bays of San Scirocco and Dello Scalo ought to be visited. There are also some private beaches for those who want to take a swim. 

Gorgona, the northernmost island of the Tuscan Archipelago and belonging to the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, sits between Corsica and Livorno with a distance of 60 kilometers from Corsica and 35 kilometers from Livorno. The island is so small that its length and width are approx. 2100 km and 1600 km respectively. Ferry routes Gorgona occur from and to Livorno, especially in high season months. 

Book in advance your Gorgona ferry tickets and your accommodation so as to secure your tour on this unique island!

Gorgona port

Gorgona port is within a walking distance from the inhabited village where all accommodations and eating places are situated. Please, ask your landlord for available transportation services after getting off your ship at the port.

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