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Ferry to Gythio - Dimitrios shipwreck at Selinitsa beach near Gytheio, Greece.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Gythion, reach a small fishing town and port on the southern side of Peloponnese in the Aegean Sea, in the region of Laconia!

Gythio or Gytheio is a town on the eastern shore of the Peninsula of Mani. Once the port of Sparta, the town has a long history and a lot of interesting sites. The port and the ancient settlement was destroyed in the 4th century possibly by an earthquake, the remains of which are still a place of archaeological interest. Its strategic location gave Gythion an important role in Maniot history. On the coast of Gythion is the site of ancient Kranae, a small island where according to the legend Paris of Troy and Helen from Sparta spent their first night together. It is believed that Gytheio was founded by the dog Apollo and the hero Heracles. Gytheio is currently one of the most important ports of the area and fishing is a main activity there. This is the reason why the seafood served in Gytheio is one of the best you can find in Greece.

The translation of the name Gythion means land of the gods, which is a common way to describe this beautiful destination. Gythion as well as the Mani region is world wide famous and popular for its amazing mountainsides, the unspoiled beaches and the authentic charm and tradition that has been unfortunately lost on many of the country's touristic islands due to mass tourism.

Book your ferry tickets in advance to the lively and charming harbor town of Gythion and begin your journey and adventures in the Peloponnese.

Ferry routes from Gythion

There are ferry routes from the port of Gythion that connect the mainland with some famous islands of the Aegean Sea like Kythira and Antikythera and the popular destination of Crete which makes Gythion ideal for island hopping. During the summer period there are frequent routes to these islands but as each island welcomes many visitors each year make sure you book your ferry tickets in advance.

  • Gythion to Antikythera: served by a conventional ferry. The sailing duration is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes
  • Gythion to Kythera: served by a conventional ferry. The trip lasts approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Gythion to Kissamos: served by a conventional ferry. The ferry distance is approximately 6 hours and 45 minutes

Gythion ferry port

Gythion port is in the center of the town and visitors will easily find many tourist facilities such as restaurants, bars, shops, cafes and quite a few accommodation options. Walk along the port that is lined with tavernas, ouzeri and restaurants, filled with locals strolling around. Book a hotel or apartment and admire the statue of a mermaid that lies as a guardian of the port and the isle of Cranae.

Gythion Port to Gythion Center

The port of Gythion is situated in the center of the town. The main street runs parallel to the port and depending on the distance you can walk or take a taxi.


Public Ktel buses connect Gythion with the capital of Greece, Athens and the nearby villages. For more information, regarding the timetables and itineraries, please visit Athens to Gythion Bus.


Even though it is a more expensive option it transfers you easily and fast to your destination. To schedule a taxi transfer, please call +30 27330 23400.

Holidays in Gythion

Due to its small size there is a small collection of attractions and sightseeings but since the town is easy to explore on foot visitors will be able to discover what the city has to offer. Gythio has always been a pleasure to wander around, with the neo-classical houses and the beautiful old apartment buildings that hug the side of Mount Koumaros and reach all the way down to the sea.

Get ready to discover Gythion and let us help you organize your to-do list!

  • Visit the Archaeological Museum in the old building of Parthenagogeio with exhibitions of graven inscriptions from the archaic period and statues from the Roman ages
  • Take a 20 minutes walk from the center of the town to the Lighthouse of Gythion, on the connected island of Kranae and the Maritime Museum of Mani with a permanent exhibition related to the area’s long nautical history
  • Book a tour to the Caves of Diros, one of the most famous natural sites of Greece with stalactites and stalagmites
  • See the Tower of Tzanetakis in the center of Kranael Isle, which is a characteristic example of the famous towers of Mani, once a fortress that protected the port and the town from invasions
  • Visit the small village of Skoutari that has many abandoned fortresses
  • Arrange a wine tasting experience as the Peloponnese and Gythion itself is known for its great grapes varieties. You will find in the surrounding countryside many wineries that offer personal wine tastings and tours in the vineyards

Beaches in Gythion

The beaches of the Peloponesse are some of the best hidden treasures of Greece. Either you are looking for popular or isolated beaches, with tourist amenities or unorganized around Gytheio there are beaches for every taste.

Please find below a list with the best rated beaches of Gythion:

  • Mavrovouni: located 2k m south of Gythio.This is the most popular, crowded and organized sandy beach with turquoise waters. It has been awarded the Blue Flag award and it offers an ideal environment for caretta caretta sea turtles to lay their eggs
  • Selinitsa: located 2km north of Gythio. It has a coastline of over 150m. It has also been awarded the Blue Flag. Do not miss the rusty ship that lies ashore
  • Skoutari: located 13km south of Gythio. A sandy beach with crystal clear water. Ideal for activities like snorkeling
  • Trinisa: located 7km north of Gythio. A partly organized beach with shallow waters ideal for watersports like windsurfing

Hotels in Gythion

During your stay in Gythio the most convenient place to book an accommodation is around the area of Mavrovouni. Mavrovouni is not an actual village rather than a tourist settlement with many facilities and accommodation options like hotels, studios, airbnbs and the most beautiful and longest beach, approximately 2km south of Gythio.

Below there is a list of the most visited accommodation options for your booking:

  • Mareggio Exclusive Residences & Suites
  • Castello Antico Beach Hotel
  • Saga Pension
  • Aktaion Resort
  • Pantheon City Hotel
  • Thirides Beach Resort
  • Kalypso Guesthouses
  • Diamond Palace
  • Infinity Hotel
  • Camping Bay
  • Niriides Villas
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