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Ferry to Kamiros Skala Rhodes - Umbrella with two sun beds on the beach overlook the rocks and the sea.
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Those who visit Rhodes by boarding on the ferry to Kamiros Skala from the neighboring island of Tilos get disembarked on an ancient city with thrilling history!

Kamiros Skala or Skala Kamirou is a tiny village located in the west coastline of Rhodes in the Dodecanese, 50 kilometers southern of Rhodes main town. The village is characterized by its natural beauty, picturesqueness, crystal clear waters and fresh traditional seafood which is usually caught at the same day from the local fishermen. In its extent, you can find some rooms to let along with some shops for the necessaries. Kamiros Skala is often used as a stop for a nice meal before or after visiting the island of Chalki whose port is linked with daily ferry routes.

A little southern of the small town, lies the peaceful mountain village of Kritinia (3km) which offers graphical cafeterias offering spectacular panoramic views over the entire island of Rhodes. It also contains a stunning old castle which was built by the Knights of St. John. A little further to the north, the ancient city of Kamiros is situated, holding an electrifying history. The place was one of the three most important towns of Rhodes and the first Rhodian city to cut its own coins. Its inhabitants left is around 408 B.C. and formed the powerful state of Rhodes. 

Book your ferry tickets to Kamiros Skala in advance and enjoy your holidays in the Dodecanese!

Kamiros Skala port

Kamiros Skala port is situated in the small village and offers ferry routes towards Chalki and Tilos. It contains a tiny marina where the local fishermen dock their boats. In the surrounding area you can find some traditional houses and very few rooms to let, also a car parking. Passengers, usually make short stops to Kamiros Skala for a delicious seafood meal before visiting the nearby islands. 

There is a ferry company which provides bus connections to Rhodes city center.

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