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Passengers traveling by ferry to Kas arrive in a small charming seaside town that offers visitors and residents an authentic way of life in a stunning setting!

Kas is located about 170 km west of Antalya, in the Mediterranean region of southern Turkey. It is a small and charming seaside resort, where many sailing boats anchor in its small marina. The Lycian-style sarcophagus at the beginning of the street leading down to the harbour is almost the symbol of this lovely town.
The town responded to the demand by transforming itself from a small fishing village into a resort town. Kas still retains its small town charm, with narrow cobbled streets, many restaurants, incredible views of the coast and some of the most beautiful and creative boutiques the Mediterranean has to offer.
The town itself is built around the ruins of ancient Antipella, which left behind a few scattered rock tombs, a Greek theater and a monumental sarcophagus that stands at the upper end of one of the narrow shopping streets of Kas.

It is very important that you have organized your ferry to or from Kas in advance, having arranged all the details. You don't want something to go wrong, and you can achieve perfect holidays with a great organization so book your ferry tickets in advance to Kas.

Ferry connections to Kas

In high season there are daily ferry connections from Kas to the Greek island Kastelorizo in Dodecanese islands, the ferry distance is just 2 kilometers (1,2 mile).
There are approx. 12 sailings a week on this route, with one arrival and departure every day.

Transportation in Kas

Transportation in Kas is easy, since Kaş is a relatively small beach city, it is quite reasonable to walk or bike everywhere within the city limits. If you are wanting to leave the city and visit nearby spots such as Patara, you can go with a tour group, take a taxi or private transfer. Everything else is easily accessible by walking, but just be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

There are boat taxis to one of the beach clubs. Sea taxis operate from 9:00 to 19:00

Kas port to Dalaman Airport

Dalaman International Airport is a 2-hour drive away and Antalya International Airport is approximately 3 hours by car. The nearby town of Kalkan is accessible in just 20 minutes and is on the main Dolmus route. If your starting destination is the Dalaman airport, one of the easiest ways to get to Kaş is via their hourly transfer service.

Kas port to Antalya airport

If your destination is Antalya airport, you can take the Havaş bus (comes every hour) to Antalya Otogar (bus station). Once there, you'll want to go through the doors marked "Şehir İçi" and inside you'll see several counters with different company names. There are a few companies that travel to Kaş. Their buses leave every hour on the hour and take about 4 hours to reach Kaş.

Kas ferry port

Kaş has a small port located in the south of Lycia. Central to the town, it is usually busy with fishing boats, yachts, ferry boats and cruise ships. The latter, however, must use tents to transport their passengers to and from land. The small port connects Kaş with the Greek island of Kastellorizo. In addition to handling the various vessels, the port of Kaş has a modern marina that can accommodate several hundred vessels. Around the waterfront, there are various shops, restaurants, bars, boat rentals and diving centers.

Holidays in Kas

Holidays In Kas combine the wonderful untouched nature and history during your holiday. Even if the former fishing village today survives almost exclusively on tourism, Kas has largely been spared the hustle and bustle of a large tourist population enabling it to retain much of the original atmosphere.
Most visitors come to Kas for two reasons: to go diving or to visit the ancient monuments nearby, such as Aperlai, Isinda, Apollonia, Kekova, etc. The town of Kalkan is also close to Kas, and there is a small sandy beach between the two (Kaputas beach). In addition to the excellent diving sites here, for sports and outdoor enthusiasts there are also opportunities for hiking, sailing and paragliding.
Kas is also an optimal jumping off point for trips to Kekova, Myra, and some of the regions' best undiscovered mountain villages. The abundance of outdoor activities around Kas has also help to maintain its reputation as a relaxed, satisfying, and generally inexpensive holiday destination.

Beaches in Kas

Kas has several rocky beaches but they are quite small, however, the rock shelves (or ‘beach clubs’) are wonderful for sun and sea bathing. These are populated by cafes and restaurants which provide free lounges.
Kas has 2 small beaches where you can swim and relax, but the area is home to many larger beaches with more facilities.

Little Pebble Beach: it is located just 10 minutes from the port of Kas, this is a beautiful little pebble/pebble beach with crystal clear waters and safe for swimming. Popular with local children in the summer, who dive off the specially constructed platforms from the surrounding rocks.
Big Pebble Beach: it is located in a small cove just outside Kas and is about a 10-minute drive. The beach is busy in the summer months, but has facilities including a few cafes and restaurants, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas which are free if you order something from one of the restaurants. The beach is quite sheltered, so the clear waters are calm and good for swimming.

Kaputas Beach: it is an absolutely stunning little beach located in a cove where the steep mountains meet the sea.

Seyrek Cakil Beach: it is easy access from Kas in a more chilled-out environment.
There are small restaurants with basic food and drinks, umbrellas, sun beds.

Akçagerme Beach: Akçegarme is one of the best beaches in Kas for families. This small pebble beach has a small water park with slides and a floating dock for kids (or adults) to jump off. The beach is also located in a sheltered bay with calm waters, perfect for children.

Çirali Beach: Çirali may be the beach of Kass with the most epic setting. The way the lush green mountains frame the undeveloped coast is incredible.

Olympos Beach: it occupies exactly the same stretch of sand as Cirali. And you can easily walk from one to the other to see which beach suits your mood.

Hidayet Koyu Beach: Although not technically a beach, Hidayet Koyu is still a great place to enjoy the turquoise waters around Kas. Just be prepared for a crowded place with a club atmosphere. The loud music can be a bit aggressive for people looking for a relaxing day at the beach.

Patara Beach: The municipal beach of Kas is perhaps the best of the rest in terms of public access to the beach within the city limits. Expect a beautiful turquoise sea (as everywhere else) and a small pebble beach. And although it's not exactly a trendy beach, it has been rumored that Kas Municipal Beach is an excellent choice. So you'd better get there early because it can get crowded!

Hotels in Kas

There are small and medium-sized hotels in Kas, some of them located in the city center and some on a small peninsula called Cukurbag.

Check out some of the hotels in Kas:

  • Kas Marin 
  • Doria hotel & yacht club
  • Luna hotel Kas
  • Kas Lisiya 
  • Kas Artemis 
  • Club Capa 
  • Aysima 
  • Hillcity 
  • Elit hotel Kas
  • Gumus peninsula 
  • Doria hotel Kas
  • Mandalina luxury boutique 
  • Lale hotel Kas
  • Hotel club barbarossa
  • Lukka exclusive 
  • Olea nova boutique 

Things to do in Kas

Kaş itself is a quiet pleasant town with its blue sea and narrow streets scented with jasmine flowers. There are plenty of little guest houses, quiet cafes serving home cooking, or small bars to relax after a day's scuba diving. Kaş has an annual arts festival, jazz concerts in the Roman amphitheatre and the Kiln Under the Sea arts collective have held underwater ceramics exhibitions here.

Hereunder are some of the most worth to see attractions in Kas:

  • Visit the weekly market in Kas. A special experience is the visit of the bazaar – a traveling weekly market which takes place every Friday in Kas. Here a wide variety of goods are available
  • Discover Kas Underwater World. Underwater Kas can offer thus something special. The incomparable underwater world of the lycian coast with her weird rock formations, rich fish stocks and antique relics makes Kas a true diver’s paradise
  • Visit The Amazing Kas Beaches Around Town.A visit to the Kas beaches is a must. Otherwise, why do you plan to visit the Turkish coast? Although there are only a few public beaches that are easily accessible from the centre of Kas, they are worth visiting
  • Watch The Sunset From Big Pebble Beach. The Big Pebble is a narrow beach from where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the sun setting behind the mountains. The beach is made up of large pebbles (crazy, right?), so it's not the best place to lay out a towel
  • Stroll Through Kas’ Cobblestoned Streets. Kas is famous for its adorable aesthetics, independent shops and relaxed atmosphere. You'll find plenty of photo opportunities with the beautiful whitewashed buildings and hanging bougainvillea while walking around the small town centre.
  • Visit The Ancient Antiphellos Theatro: Antiphellos is an ancient Greek theatre that is easily accessible on foot from the centre of Kas
    Hike The Lycian Way Trail To A Medieval Castle: Once you reach the top, you can explore a number of old Lycian tombs, as well as incredible views of the sea between Simena and Kekova
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