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Ferry to Kasteli - Typical Greece restaurant on the beach, Creta, Greece, Europe.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Kasteli cross over to a small seaside town on the western edge of Crete!

A settlement named “Kissamos” is said to have existed since the Minoan Era, but a castle, built by the Venetians and called Kesteli, gave the settlement the name that is still used by the locals. The town at the very end of Crete’s West coast has got a marina and a ferry port at a short distance.

Visitors traveling to the destination Kasteli might want to visit the western part of Crete or spend their holidays in a quiet place away from mass tourism. Kasteli has maintained its Cretan character and charm. The locals still put agriculture in the first place, which has prevented the town from becoming a tourist high spot. The rather authentic Cretan seaside town Kasteli features a few sites to visit and some nice beaches. There is the main square in the town center with shops, restaurants and bars. There is also an archeological museum with findings from the area. The waterfront offers a variety of taverns, where one can enjoy traditional Cretan cuisine and delicious fresh fish. Two close by beaches offer the opportunity to go swimming and sunbathing, although the most beautiful beach in the region is called Ballos. One can take a boat from Kasteli and spend the day on Balos beach or visit the island Gramvousa with the old pirate fortress. Before leaving the town by ferry from Kasteli, visitors should give diving a try. The region is well known for its underwater beauty. You might also want to take the ferry from Kasteli and go on a trip to the Peloponnese for a change since there is a ferry route available.

Kasteli is the second largest town of the municipality of Chania with about 5,000 inhabitants, located 40 km from Chania to the west. Ferry routes Kasteli connect the port via Kythira and Kalamata to Piraeus with weekly sailings throughout the year. From Kasteli there are also boats available sailing to the island of Gramvousa.

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