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Ferry to Katapola - Building Entrance Katapola Village, Amorgos Island, Cyclades, Greece.
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Passengers taking the ferry to Katapola arrive at a picturesque and traditional island of the east Cyclades, Amorgos, a lovely destination for summer vacation!

Τhe natural port of Katapola is the main port of the small island with the characteristic architecture of the houses, the steep slopes and the wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters. Every visitor to Amorgos will be seduced by the natural beauty of the island, and the wild and unspoiled areas far from the noise and the traffic of the cosmopolitan islands of the Aegean.

The archeological findings, the old churches, the 13th century Venetian Castle of Chora village, witness the long cultural history and tradition of Amorgos. Behind the port at a distance of 3 km, there is a 255-meter high hill, where the Acropolis of Ancient Minoan used to be. The name of the city, which was one of the three cities of the ancient Amorgos, probably comes from the mythical king Minos. The excavations are of great interest and it’s a place worth visiting.
The modern settlement was created after the accession of Amorgos to Greece in the 19th century and since then it is constantly developing.

Organize your trip and book your tickets in advance in order to find availability for the dates and the type of accommodation you prefer. Our online booking engine will provide you all the latest schedules and information regarding the ferry to Katapola.

Katapola ferry routes

There are several Katapola ferry routes, especially during high season, that connect the island of Amorgos with the capital of Athens and some other Cyclades

  • Piraeus to Katapola The port of Katapola is connected to Piraeus, the main port of Athens, 3 times per week during winter period and almost every day during high season. If there is no availability for the date you want to travel there is the option of Aegiali port in Amorgos, the second port of the island
  • Katapola to Paros ferry is operating regularly and offers a crossing with a conventional ship. The duration of the journey depends on the type of vessel and the intermediate stops to other islands
  • Katapola to Naxos is a regular ferry connection between the two famous islands and the route is very popular during the summer vacation either for locals or for tourists from all over the world

The island hopping to the famous smaller islands of the Aegean like Iraklia, Schinoussa, Koufonisia and Donousa is a good opportunity for some short day trips to the widely known “Small Cyclades”.

Katapola port

Katapola port is one of the two ports of Amorgos and consists of three settlements Κatapola, Rachidi and Xylokeratidi. Every summer the island gathers a lot of tourists and the port becomes vivid with a lot of sailboats and yachts coming and going. The narrow streets leading to the interior of the settlement are full of tourist and commercial shops. The old fountain of Katapola with its whitewashed stones and Panagia Katapoliani are of great interest to the visitor.

Katapola Port to Katapola Chora

The distance between Katapola port and Katapola Chora is just 2 minutes on foot. If your hotel is a little further your landlord will be willing to give you detailed information about the means of transport.

Transportation in Katapola

Amorgos is a quite well organized island with public buses, taxis and private transfers. If you do not travel with your own vehicle there is the option to rent a car or a motorbike.


Most of the bus routes start from Aegiali, Katapola or Chora and they stop at almost every village from the early morning until night. For more information about the timetables, you can visit Katapola Bus.


The most comfortable but more expensive way of traveling on the island is to call a taxi and visit every place you desire. In case of need, you can call  +30 693 200 0455 or +30 693 210 3077.

Sightseeing in Katapola

While in Katapola, do not miss to visit the following:

  • Panagia Katapoliani is a temple with a Venetian-style bell with ancient and early Christian elements. The church is believed to have been built on top of an ancient temple dedicated to Pythian Apollo. If you happen to be in Katapola the 15th of August you will have the opportunity to see one of the biggest events in the island. On this day the celebration of Virgin Mary takes place and all the island participates in the feast
  • On the mountainous hill of Mountoulia, which overlooks Katapola, is Minoa, one of the three ancient cities in Amorgos, at a walking distance of 35 minutes from Katapola. In Minoa, was originally the summer residence of King Minos of Crete
  • The Monastery of Hozoviotissa is the second oldest in Greece built in 1017 hanging on the cliff 300 m above the sea, 1 km outside the Chora of Amorgos. An inside visit is recommended in order to see the church, the cells of the monks and the various rooms. If you like to make a visit you should check the opening hours and the dress code
  • The Archaeological Museum in Chora is housed in a building of Venetian architecture dating back to the 16th century. An exhibition of findings from excavations of the three ancient cities Aegiali, Arkesini and Minoa is presented as well as a collection of marbles of Cycladic culture and finds from the Hellinisatic and Roman periods
  • If you are looking for a diving experience, the seabed of Amorgos gives the opportunity to see ancient shipwrecks and underwater caves. Amorgos' diving waters are quite famous for the reason that “The Big Blue” by Luc Besson was filmed there

Beaches in Katapola

There is a choice of sandy beaches in Amorgos, some of them in Katapola, close to the port of the village. The most popular Katapola beaches are the following:

  • Katapola Beach is the most convenient choice for those who stay near the port and require an organized beach for swimming and relaxing. Bars and local taverns are found nearby
  • Maltezi Beach is accessible by little boats departing from the port of Katapola every thirty minutes during August and every one hour during July and September
  • Plakes Beach is located close to Maltezi and is a rocky beach with blue crystal waters and difficult access, however it is preferred by nudists
  • Kato Akrotiri Beach is a sandy beach easily accessible at a distance of 150 meters from the port of Katapola pier
  • Three Hierarchs Beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters is just below the homonymous church the settlement of Xylokeratidi

Hotels in Katapola

There are various hotels, villas and apartments for booking in Katapola, such as:

  • Diasino Studios Katapola
  • Pension Amorgos
  • Skopelitis Village
  • Hotel Minoa
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