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Ferry to Mali Losinj - Beautiful town of Mali Losinj on the island of Losinj, Adriatic coast in Croatia. Cathedral tower and city center view through the palm leaves.
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Passengers who are traveling with a ferry to Mali Lošinj, the pearl of Kvarner Bay in north Croatia, are visiting the largest island city of the Adriatic Sea!

Mali Lošinj or else Lussinpiccolo (Italian), was firstly called Malo Selo and is the biggest town in the island of Losinj in Croatia, southwestern of Cres. It is also situated in the Kvarner Bay of the Adriatic Sea, famous for its crystal clear waters. Its roots date back to the 12th century when it used to be a fishing village and a shipbuilding center later on. There are still many local fishermen inhabiting the island but nowadays, its main economic source is tourism. It is also worth mentioning that the island became famous over the past years, for its climate which has medicinal effects to the human body and soul. Aristocrats and wealthy businessmen used to spent their vacations in Losinj making it a well known health resort back in the day.

The center of Mali Lošinj is a very graphical area with colorful buildings in beautiful architecture while the surrounding of the town is full of unspoiled nature. It is a perfect destination, not only for those who are seeking for relaxation and tranquility but also for those who want to combine their vacation with sightseeing and some education. To begin with, the town itself and its narrow paths and historic buildings are going to fascinate you. You should also, not forget to stroll around the coastal promenade with the charming palm trees, especially in evenings when the sun sets. Moving forward, the Austro-Hungarian ancient villas now turned into luxurious hotels, the Museum of Losinj (Fritzi Palace) and the Apoxyomenos Museum are the places to go if you are interested about learning more about the island's past. 

Last but not least, we should not forget to refer to the sensational beaches with their transparent waters and green nature around. There are beaches for all tastes; from rocky to sandy, secluded and crowded ones with the most popular ones being the Veli Zal and Borik. 

Mali Lošinj is the largest and most populated island town in the whole Adriatic with around 8,000 inhabitants. Ferry routes to Mali Losinj are well developed from many ports of the Croatian mainland and islands. It is also notable to mention that Losinj island is connected with the immense island Cres by a bridge in Osor. This makes it possible to approach it even with a car from Cres.

Book your ferry tickets to Mali Lošinj in advance and enjoy your vacation in Croatia's jewel island!

Mali Lošinj port

Mali Lošinj port is situated inside a protected bight in the southeastern part of the island Losinj. It is a very picturesque port with a delightful promenade full of palm trees and flowers, is the center of the town and the place where most hotels, eating places and shops are based. At night, it turns into a vivid place with tourists and locals gathered.

Public transportation in Lošinj island is well developed since it is a very touristic spot so, by the time you get off your ship, it will not be hard to find the bus stop or a taxi. Check below, in detail, your transportation options after your arrival:


The bus stop is located just 400m away form the port. Check Mali Lošinj Buses for information about bus schedules.


Please, visit Mali Lošinj Taxis in order to organize your transportation around the island.

Water Taxi

Water Taxis are a fun way to get around and explore hidden beauties. Check Mali Lošinj Water Taxis for further details. 

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