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Ferry to Mantoudi - Panoramic views of the sandy beach. Ammos beach in Halkida, Greece. Sunny summer day the island of Evia.
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Take a ferry to Mantoudi and spend some days in this beautiful town of Evia that combines mountain and sea, an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle!

Mantoudi is a serene village, located on the north central side of the island of Evia. It has a small population but you will enjoy the hospitality of the locals and its warm atmosphere.
The town has a rich history with influences from the Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman rule that shaped the culture and the architecture of the entire island of Evia. Mantoudi is a traditional little town, with a characteristic architecture, a mix of various architectural rhythms, with narrow paved streets and numerous Byzantine churches.
It is believed that the name derives from the gypsy word “Magdo” which means bread, due to its fertile soil.

The proximity of the village to the stunning coastline means that Mantoudi is a favorite destination for summer holidays and the many waterfalls, forests and breathtaking landscapes make Mantoudi an excellent starting point for hikes and excursions.
Take a walk through the narrow streets of the old town that will lead you to the center of the village that has a few traditional taverns that will give you a feeling of the everyday life of the residents.

Book your ferry tickets in advance and enjoy your stay in a nice family destination that has a safe environment, really popular to families with kids and discover the secrets of the town and the entire island on your own time.

How to reach Mantoudi by ferry

Mantoudi can be easily reached from the mainland through the Euripus bridge of Chalkida. The distance between Athens and Mantoudi is approximately 133 kilometers (2 hours and 16 minutes). Moreover, Mantoudi can also be reached from the islands of Sporades and the port of Volos with a ferry connection which is active usually only during the summer months.

Ferry routes from Mantoudi

  • Mantoudi to Volos: there is at least one daily connection between Volos and Mantoudi and the ferry duration is approximately 5-6 hours
  • Mantoudi to Skopelos: there are at least 6 routes available per week and the duration of the sailing is approximately 1-3 hours
  • Mantoudi to Skiathos: there are more than 7 routes available every week and the ferry time is approximately 1-2 hours
  • Mantoudi to Alonissos: there is almost a daily connection between Mantoudi and Alonissos and the duration of the sailing is approximately 2 hours

Mantoudi ferry port

The small ferry port of Mantoudi is located 3 km from the center of the town. It gets really busy during the summer season as it connects the island of Evia with the mainland, through the port of Volos in Thessaly and it also offers a connection with the famous island of Skopelos, Skiathos and Alonissos of the Sporades complex.
Only conventional ferries, for passengers and cars, depart from Mantoudi with more than 10 sailings per week and they dock on the outer part of the breakwater. A few coffee shops and a parking area are within walking distance.

Transportation in Mantoudi

The village is relatively small so it’s easy to explore on foot. You can also move around with your vehicle as the entire island has a well preserved road network.


There is a public bus network that connects Athens, the capital of Greece with Mantoudi.

For more information please visit buses to Mantoudi.


In the center of the town there is a taxi stand for an easy and fast transfer to the port or to the neighboring villages.

Things to do in Mantoudi

Mantoudi is a small and serene town on the north central side of the island of Evia. The village is an ideal location for those you seek for privacy, quiet and an authentic taste of island life. It still remains untouched by mass tourism and there is a lack of infrastructure. However, a visit to Mantoudi is a chance to discover some of the unexplored areas of the island and enjoy the natural beauty of Evia.

For your convenience please find below some of the best locations we recommend you visit:

Enjoy the sea and go swimming in Kimasi Beach, located about 5 minutes from the main square, known for its crystal clear waters. Take some photos of the bridge, formed by the sea and a big rock that crosses a small river.

Admire the traditional architecture of the Church of St. George, just outside of the town or spend a night in the Monastery of Galataki.

Visit the wildlife shelter at Dafnonta.

Visit the Museum of Asia Minor Culture in Prokopi. It is housed in a temple building and it has a permanent exhibition of sacred heirlooms and folk artifacts that were brought by refugees from Cappadocia during the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

Take a walk or follow the hiking trails in the forest of Kirea. The river of Kireas that runs through the forest offers the most beautiful trekking route of the island. Along the trail try to find the famous Geroplatanos which is believed to be the largest and oldest tree of the entire Balkan Peninsula.

Visit the Church of St. John the Russian. The church houses the remains of the saint and thousands of pilgrims from around the world pay homage to the saint every year. You will instantly receive an amazing spiritual and mystical feeling.

Enjoy the laid back vibes and the relaxing atmosphere while you drink a coffee in one of the local coffee shops around the square of the village.

Mantoudi beaches

The entire island of Evia is really popular for its beaches, so whichever one you choose you will be definitely amazed by the crystal clear waters and the beautiful landscapes that surround them. The central position of the village of Mantoudi allows access to some of the best beaches of the island that offer turquoise waters and amazing views of the Aegean Sea.

Kymasi Beach

Mantoudi is also called by the locals as Kymasi and the beach can be easily reached within a distance of 4km from the town. Kymasi is a long, partly pebbled and partly sandy beach with deep blue waters, surrounded by a rocky outcrop. The beach is secluded and non organized which makes it a perfect choice for those that seek for some privacy and quiet. As there are no tourist facilities around we suggest you bring with you anything you might need.

Agia Anna Beach

Agia Anna is the closest beach and as one of the most popular resorts throughout the entire island it attracts thousands of people every year. Agia Anna is a long sandy beach with lovely, warm, turquoise waters, surrounded by lush vegetation. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers and as for amenities there are many cafes, snack bars and taverns around with local delicacies.

Rovies Beach

Rovies is one of the most popular beaches of the island, located on the other side of the island, just within a distance of a 35 minute drive. You will be amazed by the pine trees that stretch on one side of the beach, reaching the shore and the blue waters of the North Evoikos bay on the other side. This beach has a few sunbeds and umbrellas and some snack bars nearby.

Hotels & accommodations

There is a wide range of accommodation types around the area of Mantoudi either for a short break or a longer stay. Hotels, studios and apartments. Wherever you might choose to stay you will find a few tourist facilities, taverns, shops and cafes.
Please find below some of the best rated hotels and accommodation in Mantoudi:

  • Agrophilia
  • Glafki
  • Eviali Apartments
  • Sabbia Village
  • Thalatta Seaside Hotel
  • Agia Anna Camping
  • Amandola Villas

Day trips from Mantoudi

The location of Mantoudi makes it a passage town and an ideal starting point for some island hopping to the neighboring islands of the Sporades Complex. Take a ferry from Mantoudi and do not miss the chance to visit:

  • Skiathos
  • Alonissos
  • Skopelos
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