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Ferry to Mantoudi - Panoramic views of the sandy beach. Ammos beach in Halkida, Greece. Sunny summer day the island of Evia.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Mantoudi cross over to the northeastern part of Evia island, to a small harbour 145 km away from Athens!

Tourists travelling to the destination Mantoudi prefer to travel fast and to save money and time when they want to visit the islands of the Northern Sporades and Volos or vice versa when they decide to spend some time on Evia, the second largest island in Greece.

The small town Mantoudi is located just 20 metres above sea level in a lush green environment right next to the river Kirea. Not only can it be reached by ferry to Mantoudi but also from the mainland by crossing the bridge in Halkida and heading to the north on road. Visitors will be amazed by the greenery of the island on their way to Mantoudi. Dense forests, hills and mountains, sites of archaeological and historical interest, but mainly beaches of unprecedented beauty will capture the visitor’s imagination. At a distance of 3km from Mantoudi the fantastic sandy beach of Kimasi, looking at the Aegean Sea is an ideal destination for summer holidays. In ancient times the legendary town Kirinthos used to be right next to that beach. Before leaving Mantoudi, either on-road or by ferry from Mantoudi, tourists should visit the lakes of the region. Those 12 lakes used to be huge craters left behind by the mining of magnesite and have been turned into marvellous lakes with a depth of 80 metres, creating an alpine scenery in the region. The flora and fauna of the region will make visitors forget that they are on an island in the Aegean.

Mantoudi belongs to the municipality of Mantoudi - Limni - Agia Anna and has a population of 1,787 inhabitants. Ferry routes Mantoudi are seasonal and serve tourists to reach Volos, Skopelos, Skiathos and Alonissos. For further information, check isferry’s timetable for Mantoudi.

Ferry port Mantoudi

Forthcoming information advice on how to get to the ferry port Mantoudi by bus as well as its geographical location.

How to get to Mantoudi Port

Get to Mantoudi port by bus.


There is a public bus transfer service (KTEL) with daily connections to and from Mantoudi port in Evia island. For more information, please visit Mantoudi Bus.

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