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Tourists who are disembarking from the ferry to Mergellina are visiting an ancient and charming fishing harbor which also serves as the second port of Naples! 

The small harbor of Mergellina dates back to ancient times where it used to be a fishing port and independent from the Metropolitan City of Naples until the 17th century. It is also the homeland of the poet Jacopo Sannazaro whose lines formed the body of the Italian language during the Middle Ages. It is worth mentioning that nowadays, it still stands as a fishing port but its main job is to accept ships and hydrofoils loaded with tourists.

Mergellina is a part of Chiaia, in the west side of Naples’ main seaport, Molo Beverello. Chiaia is one of the most visited places in Naples due to the fact that it provides a big variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and charming squares for strolling. There are also many interesting landmarks such as the Villa Comunale city park with its statues and fountains, ideal for walking with an ice cream or a traditional gelato in hand, the old aquarium and of course, the alluring coastal promenade which offers extraordinary views over the sea and to the immense Mount Vesuvius on the opposing coast.

Lastly, enjoy the delicacies of the Italian cuisine along with their finest wines, especially in a dinning place at the waterfront where the combination of colorful lights with the sea and people who walk around, makes a perfect romantic atmosphere.

Mergellina port

Mergellina port is situated on the feet of Posillipo Hill and is the secondary port of the Metropolitan City of Naples after Molo Beverello. The harbor is relatively small but the surrounding area is very appealing with plenty of eating places, shops, bars and a variety of accommodations.

In order to get to Mergellina port from Naples Airport or from Naples city center, you will have to choose between the following transportation options:

Naples Airport to Mergellina Port

If you are looking for a way to reach Mergellina port from Naples Airport, you will firstly have to arrive in Naples city center and then change your public transportation line. Check below your options after getting off the airport's arrival's terminals:


Get on the bus just outside the airport building and go directly to Piazza Garibaldi in the center of Naples. Please, Check Naples Airport Buses for the itineraries.


Grab a taxi from the airport and reach your desired destination. More information in Naples Airport Taxis.

Naples to Mergellina Port

Naples' public transportation network is very well developed, thus, it will be easy to reach the port of Mergellina. Check below your alternatives:


There is no central bus station in Naples but there are several stops in the city. It is worth mentioning though, that most buses pass through Piazza Garibaldi. In ordet to get detailed information about bus routes and stops, please visit Naples to Mergellina Buses.

Train or Subway

Train: Starting from Naples Main Train Station, get on the line 7600 train and get off at Mergellina's port stop in less than 20 minutes. For information about train schedules, please visit Naples to Mergellina Train.

Subway: Use the subway train from the main train station in Naples in Piazza Garibaldi and reach the port of Mergellina in 15 minutes. Further details in Naples to Mergellina Metro.


In Piazza Garibaldi there is the taxi stand. Use one for your transportation or visit Naples Taxis to book one.

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