Ferry to Naples

Tourists who are taking the ferry to Naples are approaching the third largest city in Italy which is known for its historical monuments and birthplace of pizza!

The romantic and also very old city of Naples contains a very large and rich in history city center. Visitors will not only find wealth of historic statues and monuments but also some of the world’s best opera houses and theaters. It is certain that you need more than a few days in order to explore the city and all of its beauties. Furthermore, Naples’ location makes it an ideal place so as to roam in the surrounding areas such as Pompeii, Sorrento, Amalfi coast which belongs to the World Heritage List and the island of Ischia.

While in the city, you cannot miss taking a stroll along Via San Gregorio Armeno, the most well-known street in town with its shops selling souvenirs and in Lungomare, the beautiful coastal promenade, Castel Sant’Elmo which provides stunning views of the sea and of the famous Vesuvius Mountain and of course, stop for a delicious pizza and a refreshing drink at Via dei Tribunali and Piazza Bellini.

Naples Ferry Port

Naples ferry port (Porto di Napoli) is called Molo Beverello and is located very close to the city center and to the International Airport of Naples. The heart of the city where the most attractions, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels are situated, is so close to Molo Beverello that you will not need more than 10 minutes of walking.
Below, we provide additional information on how to reach Naples ferry port.

Naples Airport to Naples Port

Upon arrival at the Naples Airport you can get to the Naples Port easily by bus and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


Just outside the Airport there is the Alibus service which occurs every 20 minutes and takes you directly to the Naples port. There is also a free shuttle bus service from 06:00 am till midnight. Please visit the official Naples Airport Buses for more information.


The taxi stand is outside the arrivals terminal. Grab one and go to your destination. In the official Naples Airport Taxis, you will find further details.

Naples City Center to Naples Port

From the City Center of Naples, you can get to the Naples port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means:


Outside the Naples' Main Train Station is the public bus R2 which will lead you straight to the Naples port. There is also the Alibus which starts from the airport (mentioned above) and does an intermediate stop at the train station.


In front of the Main Train Station is the taxi stand. The cost to the port is 11 Euros.


From the Naples' Train Station, you can take the underground metro to reach the Naples port.

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