Ferry to Naples

Visitors travelling by ferry to Naples find some of the best opera houses and theaters in the world as well as great wealth of monuments!

Romantic Naples has the largest historic city center in Europe and encloses 27 centuries of history. Visitors will not only find some of the world’s best opera houses and theaters, but also a wealth of historic statues and monuments. Numerous culturally and historically significant sites can also be found in the immediate vicinity of Naples. A visit to the Palace of Caserta or the Roman ruins of Pompeii is out of this world.

When travelling to the destination Naples, tourists might want to visit Italy’s most spectacular coastline on a trip to Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast from Naples which is UNESCO – listed. Before leaving the region with the Ferry from Naples make sure you have tasted some Pizza as it originated in the City. You might want to sit in a street restaurant after walking through the Documani district eat Pizza, sip some Chianti and listen to a Napolitan guitar or mandolin player.

Due to the high passenger flow Ferry routes to Naples are highly developed. Ferries arrive at the Port which is situated in the center of Naples, very close to the central Piazza Municipio. Passengers can start a sightseeing tour on foot as soon as they debark at the nearby Piazza Garibaldi. Through Naples ferry timetable it is possible to check out the most convenient route in order to plan your trip to Naples and some unforgettable holidays in the very heart of Italy.

Ferry Port Naples

Forthcoming information advice on how to get to the ferry port Naples from the Naples Airport and the Naples City Center by bus, taxi and metro as well as its geographical location.

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How to get to Naples Port

How to get to the Naples port from the Naples Airport and the Naples City Center?

Naples Airport to Naples Port

Upon arrival at the Naples Airport you can get to the Naples Port easily by bus and taxi. See below your alternatives in further detail.


Just outside the Airport there is the Alibus service which occurs every 20 minutes and takes you directly to the Naples port. There is also a free shuttle bus service from 06:00 am till midnight. Please visit the official Naples Airport Buses for more information.


The taxi stand is outside the arrivals terminal. Grab one and go to your destination. In the official Naples Airport Taxis you will find further advice.

Naples City Center to Naples Port

From the City Center of Naples you can get to the Naples port by taking advantage of the following public transportation means.


Outside the Naples' Main Train Station is the public bus R2 which will lead you straight to the Naples port. There is also the Alibus which starts from the airport (mentioned above) and does an intermediate stop at the train station.  


In front of the Main Train Station is the taxi stand. The cost to the port is 11 Euros.


From the Naples' Train Station you can take the underground metro to reach the Naples port. It is notable to say that you will have to take the hydrofoil across to Ischia.

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