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Ferry to Novalja - Bicycles under the pine tree on an empty beach of Adriatic Sea in Croatia.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Novalja arrive in the northernmost town of Pag Island in the Adriatic Sea, famous for its bustling Zrće Beach!

Passengers traveling to Novalja (Novaglia) reach the northwestern part of Pag Island in Croatia, which consists of 10 settlements (Metajna, Zubovići, Kustići, Caska, Gajac, Stara Novalja, Novalja, Potočnica and Lun), with the largest being Novalja, the administrative seat of the municipality. In Novalja, you will be unforgettable because of the warm nature and hospitality of the locals and you will also have the opportunity to relax in the beautiful shores and independent bays. The island of Pag is divided between two counties, with the northern part in which Novalja is located and is part of the Lika-Senj prefecture while the southern part of the island with the city of Pag and is part of the Zadar prefecture. According to its rich history, the island is home to Pag sheep, a unique breed of milk used to make Pag cheese, which is said to have been on the tables of the Austrian-Hungarian gentlemen.

During your stay in Novalja you can visit the beautiful beaches of the island that are for all tastes. On the east side of the island is Ručica Beach, one of Croatia's most beautiful. After about a 20-minute walk on a difficult route you will find Beretnica Beach surrounded by rocks and bathed in sun, away from any unwanted appearance, is this crystal clear, sandy beach, a pearl of Pag Island. Under a dense forest that with the Pag rocks makes it look almost unreal is the coast of Sunčana, the only beach with shades of a real oasis in the heart of the desert. A particularly popular spot for families and children, due to the sandy shore and the shallow sea, is the beach Prnjica - Prnjica whose name represents a type of shell. Finally, youngsters between the ages of 18 and 25, who are looking for a parties and noise, the beach Zrće located in a bay of the same name in the northeastern part of the island, is the ideal place during the day and at night, they dash to the nightclubs such as Cocomo and Noa.

From Novalja ferry port there are ferry routes to Pesaro and Cesenatico in Italy, as well as to Lošinj (Lussino) and Rovinj (Rovigno).

Secure your Novalja booking with a ferry by reserving your tickets in advance and have a delightful holiday in Croatia!

Novalja port

Enjoy the colorful and lively Novalja port located in the center of the town. Upon arrival, only by catamaran fast ferries for passengers, you will find anything you need such as restaurants, bars and shops. If you chose to stay in a hotel close to the port area you can enjoy strolling at night. All the facilities such as supermarket, pharmacy, Bank ATM, tourist office are near the port and you can walk easily to the center.

Please check below your transportation options:


There is a well-organized Bus Station, with connections to other places on the island and other Croatian towns with additional departures during the high season. For more information, you can be addressed to the tourist office or directly to the bus station. The bus station is about 1,5 km from the town center.


Taxi services are available to transfer you to the island and all around Dalmatia. You can Book a Taxi ride with just a call.

Taxi boat

A more pleasant way to visit a beach or a nearby island is to rent a Taxi Boat. Make a whole day excursion and enjoy the sea and sun of the area.

Note: You can also rent a boat in Novalja. This is a fun method to explore the island and its secret inaccessible beaches!

Hotels in Novalja

Novalja and generally the entire island of Pag, is a very touristic destination with lots of traffic in summer, thus, it offers plenty of accommodations such as hotels, all inclusive resorts, hostels and Airbnb apartments for all tastes. You can choose between a big variety, from luxurious ones to more affordable. Below, a list is provided with some of the finest hotels in Novalja:

  • Hotel Olea
  • Joel Hotel
  • Liberty Plaza
  • Kaneo
  • Loza
  • Terra Park
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