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Passengers traveling by ferry to Positano arrive in a village on the Amalfi Coast in Campania, mainly in an enclave in the hills leading down to the coast!

Positano is set in a dramatic vertical panorama of colors; the green of the Monti Lattari, the white, pink and yellow of the Mediterranean houses, the silvery grey of its pebble beaches and the blue of the sea. A number of sumptuous villas were built by the Ancient Romans on the coast of Positano, the ruins of which can be seen in the vicinity of the Church dell'Assunta. The town, the original nucleus of which developed around a Benedictine abbey, was founded in the 9th century. Grew considerably following the arrival of inhabitants from Paestum, fleeing Saracen incursions.

Those who are visiting Positano, have the opportunity to discover the city by visiting the local Museo Archeologico Romano, who recently inaugurated on the site where an ancient Roman villa once stood beneath the oratory of the Church of the SS. Maria Assunta in Piazza Flavio Gioia, 7. The heart of the sea edge Positano is Spiaggia Grande. The beach is one of the largest on the Amalfi Coast, and one of the most glamorous too, attracting a fashionable crowd of artists, actors and celebrities.

Just off the shores of Positano, the three islets of Li Galli who often referred to as the "Sirenuse" the legend says were inhabited by Sirens who attempted to seduce with their song all those who sailed nearby. Every corner in Positano is a photographer and travel blogger’s dream. The best vantage point to capture the city and ocean is from La Sirenuse or Hotel Marincanto. Also, if you would like to explore more of the coastline, take a day trip out to Capri Island or down the coast to Amalfi.

Positano Port

Positano port (porto) is considered to be the pier in the beach Spiaggia Grande, the most attractive beach in the place. It is a beautiful harbor with colorful buildings around and very close to the city center where most accommodations, graphical bars and romantic restaurants are situated. However, if you are carrying many luggage with you, it is recommended that you use the public transportation for the reason that Positano is going uphill for few meters. Please, check below your alternatives:


There is a bus service that operates through the main roads in Positano. Please, check Positano Buses for the itineraries and prices.


Always the safest choice. Please, visit Positano Taxis and book one in advance.

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