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Ferry to Positano - Beautiful sea view in the town of Positano from antique terrace with flowers, Amalfi coast, Italy. balcony with flowers.
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Take a ferry to Positano and visit one of the most romantic places on Amalfi Coast where each corner of the rocky flower covered town is a challenge for photos!

Positano is a small coastal town on the Amalfi Coast (province of Salerno), in Campania, Italy, a vertical cliffside town where instead of roads visitors always must climb hundreds of steps. It is said to have been made in honor of the God of the sea Poseidon who was in love with a nymph, a name given to it by Ancient Greeks and Phoenicians living in the area.Returning to the history of Positano, it is believed that the town was founded in the 9th century and was highly esteemed by ancient Romans who built a series of lavish villas on the coast of Positano, the ruins of which can be admired in the vicinity of the Majolica tiled dome of the Church of the Assumption (Santa Maria Assunta) that can be seen from every corner of the town.

In Medieval times, Positano was a commercial port of the Republic of Amalfi but in the mid of nineteenth century the city declined with the majority of the population had migrated mainly to America and until the twentieth century was a poor fishing village. The tourist rise of Positano began in 1950’s.The construction of the SS163 road, formed the only link between the Amalfi Coast and the rest of Italy and united Positano with Sorrento and Naples allowing the first tourists to reach this town, an elite group of travelers who were composed of intellectuals as John Steinbeck who said that ‘’ Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone. ”Celebrities of cinema, Lia Taylor, Franco Zeffirelli, music as Mick Jagger, artists and celebrities such as Picasso and Klee, only some among which were in love with the beauty and all got inspired of Positano.

This place has been a favorite location from the days of the Roman Empire until today and each year attracts thousands of tourists, because of its natural beauty,mild Mediterranean climate, beaches and historic sites ,with crowds of people flocking to be photographed in its amphitheater-like settlements but also to enjoy a carefree vacation that is a bit expensive for the average tourist because of its cosmopolitan reputation. The scenic image of Positano springs up from the tiny streets stretching to the sea lined with colorful buildings, shops and restaurants, which are scattered all over and this is the reason that has been featured in several films. It is not a coincidence that remains one of the most romantic destinations in Europe and the perfect place for a honeymoon or for a unique idyllic wedding! A very distinctive feature of Positano is the countless steps one has to descend to reach the shopping center and the beach. This is a very exhausting process, especially when the visitor has to repeat it many times because of his staycation! In any case, there are buses that take tourists up and down, as well as taxis. However, the walk to the shopping center is particularly pleasant.

The visitor will find everything could possibly make with the Amalfi Coast lemons, purchase a pair of the most beautiful sandals in the world and buy unique clothes from historic boutiques! Small stores made with very good taste emerge among the boutiques of well-known fashion houses and create a very interesting spectacle, attractive to all tastes. Every alley ends at the beach of Positano, where various restaurants offer a good meal by the sea.

Visit Positano and organize your trip with a ferry to Positano in advance so you can enjoy a unique experience in a beautiful village on the Amalfi Coast, in special hotels, high quality restaurants and famous bars with a backdrop of idyllic landscapes!

Ferries to Positano

There are ferries to Positano with frequent connections with the other towns along the Amalfi Coast, but also with Naples and Capri.The vessels that carry out these connections are of conventional type but also high speed and hydrofoils and the frequency of the itineraries depends on the seasonality.The most popular ferry connections are:

  • From Naples to Positano: there are 3 crossings/weekly with a sailing duration of around 2 hours 10 minutes
  • From Sorrento to Positano: frequent daily crossings with a sailing duration from 40 min to 1 hr
  • From Positano to Capri: there is a daily connection and in total more than 45 sailings/weekly with a sailing duration from 25 min to 50 min
  • From Salerno to Positano: there are 7 crossings/weekly with a duration of around 35 min
  • From Positano to Amalfi: there is a daily connection and in total more than 62 crossings/weekly with a sailing duration from 10 min to 30 min
  • From Ischia to Positano: there are 7 crossings/weekly with a sailing duration of 2 hours

There are many different factors that can affect the ferry timetable, such as seasonal changes, ferry routes, carriers and weather conditions. So it is advisable to check for updated information on the required departures in our online booking system.

Port of Positano

The port of Positano is in a large inlet facing the town, close to the Spiaggia Grande (Great Beach) which is quite big extending for almost 400 meters in length and about 70 meters wide.There is a dock and a pier, a small marina from which, during the tourist season, hydrofoils and ferries dock and also leave for the coasts of Amalfi (Amalfi, Cetara, Maiori and Minori) and Sorrento (Sorrento, Seiano and Castellamare di Stabia). Close to the port of Positano there are bars, restaurants, boat rentals and nightclubs. The ticket offices of the shipping companies are located near the port, not far from the pier from which the hydrofoils depart. There are no roads connecting the pier and the highest part of town, only flights of stairs but upon disembarkation the visitor will find luggage porters (Positano porters) that offer a porterage service to bring your luggage to the Hotel at a low cost (appr.10 euro per piece).

Port of Positano to the Center of Positano

The visitor can easily walk from the port of Positano to the center of Positano. Τhe entire historic center is pedestrianized with the street ending to Piazza dei Mulini,this characteristic alley which is the "gateway" to city’s secrets and a meeting place for artists and street vendors, ideal for a walk in order the visitor to be able to admire along the way the colorful "pieces" of Positano, the typical ceramics of the Amalfi Coast, restaurants, bars and much more that will remain indelibly imprinted in his memory.

Transportation in Positano

What about transportation in Positano? First of all, it should be noted that Positano is quite small, with narrow and winding streets, limited parking, so that only a certain number of cars can be allowed to move during the day. Despite the countless steps that the visitor will have to walk, however, most people prefer the adventure on foot, at least downhill, since in this way they can admire the special landscape of Positano. The bus option is also recommended (SITA Bus) for the visitor's transfer to and in Positano, despite its narrow and twisty streets, as the drivers are well accustomed and there is also the advantage of the cheap bus fare. Also the SITA bus is the simplest and cheapest way to move between villages. The taxi option is not recommended unless you are traveling out of the area.

Public Bus

Sightseeing the coast of Positano by public bus is an unforgettable experience while admiring the beautiful landscape. The only road through Positano is one-way, which means that when the bus stops, the visitor must get off.The SITA buses offer a regular service every half hour and is the easiest and cheapest way to get around Positano, the villages and towns of the Amalfi Coast. The orange buses go around Viale Pasitea, Via Cristoforo Colombo, and Via G. Marconi (SS 163), stopping several times along the way.For more information you may visit Positano Sitabus.


In fact, in Positano the taxi business does not thrive. Some hotels work with taxi companies for their guests, especially for people who are unable to walk stairs, or visitors with children. Of course for those who prefer a more private and comfortable transfer can hire a cab, with a chauffeur who is usually experienced and can also be a guide suggesting to you the best places that you must visit.
For more information, please visit Positano Taxis.

Vacations in Positano

Choosing vacations in Positano for a few days or even more the traveler will discover that this fairytale coastal city is rightfully said to be a paradise on earth, the ideal place for anyone to enjoy an unforgettable journey. The beautiful town of Positano is certainly one of the most famous and well-known towns located on the Amalfi Coast, a place full of five-star luxury hotels, pretty pastel-colored houses, beautifully cultivated gardens and orchards, famous restaurants and a busy yacht harbor part of the dolce vita style that this place exudes.

The landscape is shocking! Steep rocks, the cliff, and in the background the sea. Visitors will soon find their favorite balcony in one of the amazing accommodations and enjoy a limoncello having in front of them like a breathtaking painting the whole Positano illuminated just as it appears through a postcard or from familiar photos on social media.

But also for shopping lovers, Positano will surely satisfy even the most demanding with a particularly pleasant walk in the shopping center. Small stores made with great taste with handmade clothes from local craftsmen along with the famous sandals but also the boutiques full of luxury fashion from Milan, characterizing the so-called Positano Fashion, the trend of the 50s that established itself as a symbol of freedom and reaction to the strict dress code of the time.

Finally, stroll or lie on the beaches of Positano, walk through the scenic paths, enjoy the tasty and healthy Italian cuisine and visit the famous surrounding places like Capri but also other locations of the Amalfi Coast! Don't miss the opportunity to visit Positano which is one of the most iconic destinations in the world!

Things to Do in Positano

There are plenty of things to do while in Positano:

  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the most central point in Positano, is a great example of Medieval art with yellow walls and a beautifully tiled dome on top. In the church there are Byzantine treasures dating from the 13th century
  • The Path of the Gods (Il Sentiero degli Dei), links the tiny hilltop town of Agerola with Nocelle, a fraction of Positano nestled on the slopes of Monte Peruso.Is the most famous hiking trail in all of the Amalfi Coast. Stunning views along the entire route make this hike a must
  • Museo Archeologico Romano, visitors can admire fragments of the original architecture and decorations to learn about Positano's Roman history with the help of multimedia displays that explain more in-depth ruins
  • Montepertuso, (which literally means "hole in the mountain") is a hamlet of the town of Positano, located on a hill in the upper part of the town. It is the ideal place for trekking lovers, thanks to several suggestive paths which connect the hamlet of Montepertuso to the Lattari Mountains.This footpath leads to the 'Oasis of Vallone Porto, rich in waterfalls, and species of rare plants and animals
  • Fontana Vecchia, an old fountain famous for its clear and pure water
  • The Island of Sirens, the three islets of Li Galli, just off the shores of Positano and often referred to as the "Sirenuse", and according to the legend were inhabited by Sirens who attempted to seduce with their song all those who sailed nearby. Among those who have been enchanted by the islets' beauty, the ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, who spent there the last years of his life
  • The hamlet of Nocelle, is at the end of the Sentiero Degli Dei, the mountain path which traverses the Monti Lattari from Agerola and one of the most beautiful views on the Amalfi Coast, extending as far as the island of Capri and the Faraglioni rocks, can be seen from the hamlet's main square
  • Positano Art Galleries, there are many boutique art galleries hiding in the hills and alleys of Positano
  • Rent a boat to explore the grottos, you can rent a boat and explore the multiple grottos
  • Make day trips from Positano, Positano is located perfectly for numerous day trips

Beaches in Positano

Vacationers will find beaches in Positano with pristine turquoise water as well as pebble beaches and can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sun. Here are some of the most popular beaches in Positano:

  • Laurito Beach, can only be reached by boat or climbing down and back up some very steep steps.It is a rather small but less touristy beach with splendid views of the sea, the surrounding cliffs, and a medieval watchtower
  • Spiaggia Grande Beach, is the main beach in Positano and is considered the best beach on the Amalfi Coast.During summer period gets very crowded with people relaxed in the plenty of taverns that offer wonderful seafood and local delicacies.The beach offers spectacular views a spectacular cliffside on one side and turquoise waters on the other
  • Fornillo Beach, is the second largest beach of Positano, with large pebbles and rocks scattered between shore and water, and can be reached on foot via a characteristic road that starts from the Spiaggia Grande di Positano(10 min walk), or by sea starting from the same pier.The beach has several bathing establishments with adjoining restaurants
  • Arienzo Beach, is a small bay half free and half private, accessible by private shuttle or by a long staircase and therefore also known as the beach of the “300 steps“
  • La Porta Beach is long and wide and is only accessible by boat, therefore it is never crowded. The beach is pebbly – like most in this area – and is surrounded by white rocks and blue waters but it is not organized
  • Fiumicello Beach is a lovely beach that is quite the distance (3 hours) from Positano and far from the main bustle of Positano and is the perfect beach for families. You can get here by boat or car, but a boat is the best way to get here
  • Furore di Fiordo, is the perfect secluded beach that offers a more private beach experience and some of the most stunning surroundings in Southern Italy.is located under the highway between Amalfi and Positano. It is not within walking distance of Positano and requires you to drive or take the bus to get here

Hotels in Positano

Evidently, as expected from a world-famous resort town, there is a wide range of accommodations, with some of them offering incomparable views from a balcony facing the blue sea below the spectacular cliffside! Choose from 5-star luxury hotels, boutique hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs and apartments and experience a romantic vacation with a cosmopolitan aura! Usually, rates are very high, especially in the high season.
Here are some of the best hotels in Positano:

  • Le Sirenuse (Luxury)
  • Il San Pietro di Positano (Luxury)
  • Hotel Palazzo Murat (Luxury)
  • Hotel Marincanto (Luxury)
  • Villa Fiorentino (4 star hotel)
  • Hotel Poseidon (5 star hotel)
  • La Rosa dei Venti (Moderate)
  • Hotel Bougainville (Budget)
  • La Tavolozza Residence (Guesthouse)
  • Hotel Monte Mare (B&B)
  • Hotel Ancora (Moderate)
  • Hotel Savoia (Boutique Hotel)
  • Albergo California (Moderate)
  • Dimora del Podestà (Guesthouse)

Day trips from Positano

The opportunity for day trips from Positano is great. A visit to Naples is very easy as it is only an hour north of the coast, while the other towns on the Amalfi Coast are a short drive away and can be reached by taxi, bus, or by sea on a ferry.

Below is an indicative list of the must-see tourist spots that are within one day trip (2 hours or less) from Positano:

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