Ferry to Premuda

Ferry to Premuda - Mother and twin girls standing on pier with luggage in summertime waving goodbye to ferry boat leaving island Silba to island Premuda, Croatia.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Premuda arrive in a small island in Croatia, off the northern Adriatic coast, which belongs to the north Dalmatian islands!

Premuda is situated southwest of Silba and northwest of Škarda. It is 9 km long, up to 1 km wide, and has an area of 9.2 km2. Is part of the Zadar archipelago west island group, with a town bearing the same name. Premuda is covered in maquis and low forests. Passengers travelling to the destination Premuda can spend their vacation far from daily routine next to a crystal clear sea. With anchoring provided in Krijal Bay, it is a special favourite amongst boaters and sailors and recreational fishermen.

For the diving enthusiasts, Premuda is a superb place because it has an underwater cavern known as The Cathedral, a system of caves that enchants with its beauty and waits to be explored. If you are an expert, there are also the remains of the sunken ship "Szent Istvan". Is also an attractive destination for boaters and divers.

Premuda is the perfect place for vacation with idyllic island life consisting of stone houses, oleanders and bougainvilleas, olives and figs and clean shingle beaches. Is largely covered with holm oak, low woods and olive trees, which have recently been growing in popularity.

Premuda has two ports, the north one called Loza and the south one, a newly built ferry port, called Krijal with daily ferry routes to and from Zadar.

Ports of Premuda

Krijal Port

The Krijal port is the main ferry port. Accommodation is available in a couple of minutes distance and also a shop, a restaurant and a beach. The center of the island is on top of the hill and is 5-6 minutes away. 

Loza Port

The old Loza port, on the eastern side of the island, is visited by small boats for a short stay and is ideal for diving and swimming.


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