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Ferry to Procida - reproduction of a sicilian cart made by an anonymous artist. Sicily Italy.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Procida in Italy arrive in one of the Flegrean Islands off the coast of Naples, between Cape Miseno and the island of Ischia!

Procida is a small island it holds a population of about 10,000. It seems to want to keep its secret to itself, although it’s popular with napoletani looking for a summer escape from the steaming, chaotic city. Tourists in Procida can walk everywhere to the black sand beaches that ring the island, almost empty during the week and bustling with families on weekends; and through the winding narrow streets in the center, the high walls hiding cube shaped houses and lush gardens. Doors are ancient and rusted, paintwork is faded and crumbling and the streets are enlivened with pink bougainvillea and tiny white jasmine.

The highest point on the island and the oldest village is the Terra Murata. The fortress walls were built as protection from invaders in the 15th century. Marina Corricella, the colourful fishing village that’s built into the rock leading to the sea is the highlight of Procida’s. Some part’s of and The Talented Mr Ripley were filmed on Procida. The island Procida does not have an international acclaim as a popular tourist spot, it is one of the most fascinating islands where the rich and the well-known people have their personal villas. It is also known for its beauty and natural splendor with a lovely coastline and landscape that captures the heart of every visitor coming to this place. Piazza dei Martini.is the main square of this small village.

Also consider taking a boat ride to visit all the three harbors of the island including Marina Grande, Marina di Chiaiolello and Marina della Corricella. The best things to admire about Procida is its unique architecture with Mediterranean colors in pastel with circular vaults and archs in various forms.

Procida port

Procida port (Marina Grande) is located in the Gulf of Napoli and is the only port that serves ferries and hydrofoils. A wide selection of apartments, hotels or studios is available either close to the port and the marinas or to the center and the beaches. Admire the colorful houses which, according to the tradition, were painted in the way that the sailors recognize their homes from their boats. One of the historic buildings at the port is the Montefusco Palace which used to be the summer residence of the king. If you walk along via Roma you will find several bars, gelaterias, restaurants and small shops. In the marina, there is yacht parking. The port is very lively especially during the summer months and the tourists can enjoy every moment!

Hereunder find some useful information about the means of transport from the port of Procida:


There are 4 public bus lines covering most of the island. All of them connect the port and the marinas to the center and to the places of interest.


Rent a taxi either for a simple transfer or to take a guided tour of the island of Procida.

Taxi boat

If you wish to make an all-day excursion you can hire a taxi boat for a luxury trip to various destinations.

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