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Ferry to Salerno - A spectacular view overlooking the town of Amalfi and harbour in Salerno Province on the Gulf of Salerno.
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Traveling by ferry to Salerno the visitor will arrive in one of the largest seaports of the Tyrrhenian coast and a crucial crossroad in the Mediterranean sea!

Salerno is the main town in the Costiera Amalfitana (the “Amalfi” coast on the Tyrrhenian which includes the famous towns of Amalfi, Positano and others) in southwestern Italy, south of Naples and capital of the homonymous province. It is located between two famous areas of Campania, the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento National Park, and has the charm of a long history dating back to prehistoric times with interesting monuments and Roman-Greek historic heritage. It was a Roman colony in 197 B.C. while after the fall of the Roman Empire it was conquered by the Goths, Byzantines and Lombards.In the early Middle ages was an independent Lombard principality. During history it was ruled by many powerful and noble families!

The traveler will be fascinated by the combination of the impressive historical center with medieval churches (like cathedral Duomo) along with the hustle and bustle of a southern Italian city with a vibrant nightlife and the famous entertainment scene known as "movida"! Salerno is a perfect place by the sea where the visitor can enjoy a walk through the alleys of the historic center until he reaches the popular Largo Campo square, taste great Italian food in traditional trattorias and various restaurants, go shopping in the historic center and visit plenty of sights, many churches, monuments and museums.Moreover, Salerno enchants the traveler with its untouched environment ,with parks and gardens of incomparable beauty extremely appreciated by nature-lovers and a number of sandy beaches located in and around the city .

Since during the summer season many ferries leave from the port of Salerno for destinations such as Tunisia, Sicily, and Morocco but also ferries to very popular Italian locations such as Amalfi, Positano and Capri, we suggest that you book in advance your ferry tickets to Salerno to find availability and get the most attractive offer!

Salerno Ferries

There is an adequate frequency with Salerno ferries that depart and arrive at Sicily, Tunisia, and Sardinia. There are ferries also for the Sorrento - Positano - Amalfi route but these are mainly running in the high season period starting from mid-May.

The most common ferry routes from Salerno and the duration of each crossing:

Salerno - Palermo: Between 9h and 30 min and 10h and 30 min
Salerno - Tunis: Between 24 hr 30 min and 27 hr 30 min
Salerno - Cagliari: Sailing duration around 17 hours

Ferries to Amalfi Coast, Positano and Sorrento

From Salerno port the traveler has the opportunity to take the ferries and visit in a short time very popular Italian destinations:

Salerno - Positano: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Salerno - Sorrento: around 2 hours 10 minutes
Salerno - Amalfi: 35 minutes

Salerno ferry port

The Salerno ferry port is at Molo Manfredi and is located near the center of the city, a few metres from the train station and a 1-hour drive from Naples Capodichino Airport and hosts a significant amount of passenger traffic. In the port area, passengers can find many amenities such as restaurants, pizzerias, restrooms, wifi service and lounges. Also near the boarding gates parking lots are available for vehicles.The port of Salerno welcomes ferries and hydrofoils as well as private boats.Once at the port, you'll get directly to Salerno's waterfront and the charming downtown streets with typical stores and Italian restaurants.

Salerno port to Salerno Historical Old City

When you are docking in Salerno, the cruise terminal is located at Molo Manfredi, consequently from Salerno port to Salerno Historical Old City near the Villa Comunale can be easily reached on foot. Other cruise ships dock in the western part of the city at Molo di Ponente and Molo Tre Gennaio. In case your ship docks there, you can use the shuttle buses to reach the port exit.

You may also walk along the beautiful waterfront to Piazza della Concordia which is about 4km away from the port. Many shipping companies will offer a fee-required shuttle bus service to Piazza Concordia or alternatively, you can also take a taxi on the quayside which can bring you straight to the city.


Take the bus lines 4 or 9 and head to Salerno city center. More details in Salerno Buses.


The most convenient but also the most expensive way to get transferred. Visit Salerno Taxis or call +39 3387664613.

Close Airports to Salerno

Salerno does not have its own airport. The closest international airports to Salerno in Italy are in Naples (60 km) and Rome (260 km). Naples International Airport (Capodichino) is the International Airport serving Naples and the region of Campania.

How to reach Salerno Ferry Port via Naples International Airport?

If you wish to reach Salerno ferry port via Naples International Airport then you have several options for making such a transfer including trains, buses, taxis and private cars. Of course each option has its own pros and cons. Check below each option and decide the most suitable for your convenience and your budget:


Trains run regularly from Naples to Salerno's ferry port. From the airport, you can take a bus (called Alibus) to Naples Central Station (get off here for connections to Salerno via train). Salerno's train station is not far from the waterfront, giving it potential value for anyone departing on a cruise from the city's port. The average journey time by train between Naples and Salerno is 40 minutes.


Taking a taxi is the most convenient way to travel from Naples airport to Salerno ferry terminal. Although it is the fastest and most convenient option, the high cost may be prohibitive for many travelers. We suggest that you ask for a fixed fare before the ride. The driving distance is almost 60 km and the time required is about 55 minutes.


The SITA regional bus lines conveniently connect Capodichino airport in Naples with Salerno. The bus stop is in front of the departure terminal. This bus runs about 4 times a day and takes 70 minutes to make the trip. Please, check Naples airport buses to Salerno port for further details.

Vacations in Salerno

Undoubtedly, planning your vacation in Salerno would be great because it is a destination that you can visit all year round. Apart from a few rainy days in the months of November to April, usually, the weather is quite mild and this is the reason why many shipping companies offer Mediterranean cruises all year round.

Salerno can satisfy the tastes of any traveler because there are many tourist cities to visit, each with its own characteristics, each with many things to see and do. Discovering the beauty of the Amalfi Coast is always an unforgettable experience and then, of course, a visit to the city of Amalfi and Positano famous for shopping. If a vacation dedicated to nature and good Italian food is your intention, don't miss a visit to Cilento. Salerno is a coastal town that offers not only great opportunities for swimming and shopping but also magnificent historical buildings and museums.

Best Places to visit in Salerno

  • The Old Historic Town (Centro Storico)
  • Duomo di Salerno
  • Cathedral of San Matteo (Salerno Cathedral)
  • Lungomare di Salerno
  • San Giorgio Church(Chiesa di San Giorgio)
  • Chiesa San Pietro a Corte
  • Minerva’s Garden (Botanical Garden Giardino della Minerva)
  • Castello di Arechi
  • Palazzo Pinto & Palazzo Carrara
  • Museo Pinacoteca Provinciale
  • Roberto Papi Museum
  • Salerno Medieval Aqueduct
  • Mercatello Park
  • Villa Comunale
  • Marina di Vietri
  • Amalfi Coast

Salerno Beaches

There are a number of sandy beaches located in and around Salerno Italy :

  • Lungomare Trieste
  • Lido A’Cartera
  • Lido Rosanna
  • Kursaal Club
  • Santa Teresa Beach
  • Lido Santa Rita
  • Lido il Panfilo

A special mention has to be made for the beaches located on the Amalfi Coast and must be visited by the traveler. The beaches of the Amalfi Coast, being composed mostly of pebbles, are ideal for lovers of nature and the endless blue sea and not for those looking for sandy ones! Most of the beaches of the Amalfi Coast are located at the base of steep cliffs, so they can be reached by sea with a boat! The most famous are:

  • Beach Marina Grande of Positano
  • Beach Marina Grande of Amalfi
  • Beach of Vietri sul Mare
  • Beach of Erchie
  • Beach of Furore
  • Beaches of Praiano
  • Beach of Gavitella
  • Beach of Duoglio

Hotels in Salerno

The offer of hotels in Salerno is great for all tastes and the visitor has the opportunity to choose from hostels and budget hotels to luxury hotels category 5 *****, with many amenities and or without a private beach!

  • Hotel Raito
  • Hotel Montestella
  • Grand Hotel Salerno
  • Hotel Olimpico
  • Il Cannito
  • Trotula Charming Houses
  • Quattro Briganti

Day trips and excursions from Salerno

What could be better than having Salerno as your base and taking day trips and excursions to the most popular destinations around? Get a taste and ideas for beautiful excursions from Salerno:

  • Amalfi Coast Excursion from Salerno
  • Salerno Shore Excursion: Private - Day Trip to Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi
  • A boat tour to Small Group Li Galli Islands and Capri
  • Excursion from Salerno to Pompeii Ruins
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