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Ferry to Stromboli - A colorful fishing boat on the black beach of Stromboli Island.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Stromboli have the unique opportunity to explore the most famous of the eight Aeolian Islands, a volcanic arc north of Sicily!

Stromboli, facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, offers an unforgettable experience that can never be missed if you are planning to visit Sicily or the nearby islands. It is said that the name derives from the Greek word “Strongyle” which means “round” due to the shape of the volcano. Being a colony of Lipari, the first establishment in the island dates back to the 16th century and the main occupation of the residents was fishing and agriculture. Τhe cultivation of olives and vines as well as the wealth of marine life, provided the island with the main source of economy, since there were no hunting grounds and land of pasture. During the 18th century, the sea connection of Naples to Sicily increased the island's popularity since a large number of ships made very frequent itineraries. The permanent residents became much more numerous and the island gained vitality and prosperity until the next century, when the railway that connected Naples and Reggio Calabria was constructed.Τhe navy lost the first place in the movement of citizens and consequently the income of the residents decreased.

In 1930, after a major eruption of the volcano, followed by a tsunami, most of the farmers migrated to America and Australia and the island was almost abandoned until 1950 when Roberto Rossellini filmed the movie “Stromboli Land of God”. Later on, Stromboli was repopulated and gained prosperity. Although the volcano is still active with several eruptions, the residents are now used to it because this is the main attraction of the island.

Nowadays, Stromboli, rising from the Mediterranean, has become one of the most visited islands in Italy, with a great number of tourists who wish to climb to the crater.

Today there are two villages on the northeast part of the island, San Bartolo and San Vicenzo, but the most visited is Ginostra on the southwest, with basic facilities for tourists. Both are worth visiting for different reasons.

Τhe truth is that the motivation for someone to visit the island also called “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” is the Volcano but it can be combined with swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, island hopping and other activities.

If you are willing to visit this impressive place you can just visit our website, be informed about the prices and schedules and book your ferry tickets in advance.

Book your ferry to Stromboli in advance and have a delightful holiday in Italy!

Stromboli ferry routes

There is a wide range of Stromboli ferry routes that connect the Aeolian Islands with Sicily and the Italian mainland. Due to the lack of an airport on the island, modern fast and comfortable ferries operate daily and offer a wonderful sea journey to passengers who wish to visit the whole complex of the islands in a very short time.

Below, you can find the main routes:

  • Ginostra to Stromboli ferry with a 10 min direct sailing
  • Lipari to Stromboli ferry journey lasts 1h50min with several stops at the other Aeolian Islands
  • The ferry from Milazzo to Stromboli takes 3h to arrive at the destination port with several stopovers
  • The Messina to Stromboli ferry operates only during high season and the journey lasts 1h30m
  • The Panarea to Stromboli ferry route lasts 40 min with an intermediate stop to Ginostra
  • Rinella to Stromboli ferry time is 2h30 with stopovers, 1 hour waiting and change of vessel in Lipari
  • Santa Maria Salina to Stromboli takes 1h and 15 min
  • Vulcano to stromboli ferry stops in several islands and lasts 2h10min
  • Ferry Naples to Stromboli is running mostly from June to October with a sailing time of about 4h30m During winter there is only 1 sailing per week and lasts from 10h to 11h
  • Reggio Calabria to Stromboli with a sailing time of 4h10min and a sailing distance of 45 nautical miles

Stromboli Ferry Port(h2)

Stromboli port is the main port on the island and is situated on the eastern coast. Hotels and apartments, also eating places are within a walking distance from the port area so the lack of public transportation is not an issue at all. There are, however, scooter and boat renting offices for those who want to explore the entire island.

Transportation option in Stromboli

The whole island can be explored on foot. The distances are very short so there are no cars, buses or any other public transport. If you want to move more comfortably, you can take an electric taxi, available on the whole island.

Highlights in Stromboli

  • Stromboli's volcano eruptions are impressive during the night, a spectacle that you must not miss. Guided tours are organized which include about 3 hours walking in order to achieve the crater in about 400m high
  • San Vincenzo in Stromboli, the island’s main church is the meeting point of almost all the tourists but also for those who decide to climb the volcano
  • Red House is where Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergam lived together during the filming of the movie “Stromboli, Terra di Dio” in 1949. Being married at the same time their affair was commented on a lot in the mass media and in the art world
  • Ginostra can be visited if you take a boat around the island. At the port of Stromboli you can arrange a tour and arrive on the south west part at a small village. In the past only small boats could approach Ginostra when in 2004 a new pier was constructed. The same year electricity was supplied by photovoltaic panels and running water was collected from rain or transfered from Naples. The square of the town gathers all the tourists and you can find only the basic facilities. As there are no motor vehicles on the island, mules are used to carry luggage and heavy stuff from the port
  • Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities in Stromboli and the other islands. Strombolicchio which means “Little Stromboli”, offshore from Stromboli
  • Island hopping is a must if you decide to visit any of the Aeolian islands. Frequent ferry routes connect the islands and due to the close distances you can make all day excursions

Beaches in Stromboli

  • Forgia Vecchia is a pebbly beach in the south part of the island, accessible only on foot if you follow a path from Scari beach, at a distance of 300m from the port
  • Scari Beach with crystal clear waters is made up of lava pebbles. It is located below San Vincenzo with a few bars and restaurants at a close distance
  • Punta Lena Beach accessible only by boat with
  • Ficogrande di Stromboli is the most easily accessible and popular for swimming and sunbathing with black volcanic sand and close to the pier where the ferries dock
    The beach is organized with umbrellas and chairs
  • Lazarro Beach can be reached after a 15 min walk from Ginostra, perfect for divers

Useful tips for your stay in Stromboli

  • Since the destination to Aeolian Islands is very popular in high season, have in mind to book your tickets early in order to find availability easily
  • If you happen to be in Stromboli during the summer months do not miss the Festival of Fire with a participation of international artists
  • Before leaving home check about the weight of the luggage permitted to transfer on the boats and hydrofoils
  • Do not forget to pack your trekking shoes and the appropriate clothing for walking
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