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Passengers traveling by ferry to Stromboli have the opportunity to explore the most famous of the eight Aeolian Islands, a volcanic arc north of Sicily!

The island is an incredible and awe-inspiring sight, with a unique island atmosphere that attracts not just tourists but also film-makers. Stromboli is an ancient and active volcano rising massively from the Mediterranean, with a couple of small settlements on the coast.

One of the three things to do while in Stromboli, is to potter around the main village, admiring the views - though from here the volcano's crater is not visible - and looking at volcano souvenirs in little shops. Second activity is to take a boat trip around to the Sciara del Fuoco, the steep black lava scar down the volcano's side, where you can see Stromboli's explosions. The final thing is to climb the volcano and see eruptions at much closer quarters. The Romans called it the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” because the volcano has erupted many times and is constantly active with minor eruptions, often visible from many points on the island and from the surrounding sea. The volcano has been erupting pretty continuously for two thousand years, and tourists flock here to watch from a safe distance as lava and gas are ejected from craters just below the summit. Daytime this is visible as a plume of gas looking like smoke and at night, you can see fiery red fountains shooting upwards.
Around the Scari landing jetty and village you'll find advertisements and businesses where you can book a guide to climbing the volcano, and also hire hiking boots and other equipment.

Stromboli Port

Stromboli port is the main port on the island and is situated in the eastern coast. Hotels and apartments, also eating places are within a walking distance from the port area so the lack of public transportation is not an issue at all. There are, however, scooter and boat renting offices for those who want to explore the entire island. 

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