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Ferry to Termoli - A glimpse of the city of Termoli.
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Passengers traveling by ferry to Termoli turn up in a village with stunning beaches and pure waters which is a favorite resort for families! 

Once a fishing village with the famous Trabucci fishing machines being the symbols that label the city, Termoli has become one of the most famous tourist destinations lately, especially for its crystal clear waters and wide sandy beaches. All visitors who travel to Termoli are stunned by the town's transparent waters since they are awarded Blue Flag. It has become a favorite location mostly for Italian families. The old village is very graphical with white and colorful houses, narrow streets and high walls which refer to ancient times. The high walls formed a fortification for the city combined with one of its main attractions, the Swabian Castle, built by count Robert I of Loritello during the 11th century. Another signatory building is the Duomo Cathedral dedicated to S. Mary of Purification, placed in the village's central square. In the Cathedral are held the relics of its two patrons, Bassus and Timoteus. Furthermore, not to forget the two oldest buildings situated in this beautiful destination, the Castella Svevo on a promontory close to the sea and La Cattedrale in the village's heart. These two constitute Termoli's charm. In the town's core, you can find the well known Vico II Castello, the slenderest street in Europe.

After arriving to Termoli and getting off the ship, it is impossible not to see one of the two town's entrances. It is under an arched door and Torreta Belvedere which is currently a tourist information point. The other access is located at the feet of the castle. Due to Termoli's strategic position, you can easily view the Gulf of Vasto, the Majella Mountains of Abruzzo, the dazzling Tremiti islands and the Gargano promontory.

To conclude, music, dance, food, wine and fireworks are part of the fun of someone's vacation so in August, don't miss the Sagra de Pesce fish festival and the Burning of the Swabian Castle which refers to the Turkish siege on the village in 1566. Don't forget to taste the delicious local dish "U' Bredette" which is nothing else than fish soup since Termoli is an old fishermen village.

Consisted of 30.000 people, Termoli is located in the Molise region next to the Adriatic sea, in center south and east coast of Italy and was found in prehistoric times according to the findings of the necropolis in Porticone and Difesa Grande. Ferry routes Termoli occur often to Termiti islands and to the Croatian coast.

Booking in advance your ferry tickets and your Termoli hotels is the most prudent decision so as to insure your holidays!


Termoli port

Termoli port consists of two parts, the interior and the exterior basin and is active all year long both for car-passenger ferries and for fishing boats. It is located in the northeastern part of the city and abstains only a few meters from the city center so this makes it convenient to access even on foot. 

Information provided below, in order to get to Termoli port by bus and taxi:


Go to the bus terminal and get on a bus to reach the Termoli port. Please visit Termoli Buses for more information.


Grab a taxi from the road or call +39 345 578 0921 or check Termoli Taxis to plan your transportation.

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