Ferry from Toulon to Ile Rousse

Ferry to Ile Rousse - A light house at the cliff's edge overlooks the sea and the golf.

Plan your trip from Toulon to Ile Rousse and leave the charming French town to discover the magical northwest coast of Corsica, a wonderful holiday destination!

Ile Rousse is located on the magnificent north-west coast of Corsica set in a beautiful bay in the Balagne region, some 20km east of the stunning town of Calvi. It has lovely white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and is known for its red purple islets, which give the town its name. The town is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the region and apart from its beaches it is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. The streets in the old town are lovely and are named after people such as Pascal Paoli, Napoleon and Louise Phillippe and around the town's main square, Place Paoli there are lovely old pine forests.To enjoy the unique backdrop of the town with its red granite backdrop at sunset you can head north towards Ile de la Pietra and then towards the lighthouse. In this area there is also a Genoese observatory, which is also very popular with visitors.

Close to L'Ile-Rousse is the village of Monticello, which is surrounded by olive trees and has charming little streets, ancient buildings, imposing houses, chapels, archeological sites and walking paths. The village also offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Corsica.
This town combines beautiful beaches, picturesque villages and stunning sites along with a mild climate that makes it a unique holiday destination!

Toulon to Ile Rousse ferry schedules

From Toulon to Ile Rousse the ferry schedules are all year round and are both day and also evening. In the low season the connections are up to 4 times a week and in the high season they increase up to 6 times a week.

Toulon to Ile Rousse ferry time and distance

From Toulon to Ile Rousse the ferry time varies from 7 hours to 10 hours depending on the itinerary.The distance between the two ports is estimated to be 250 kilometers (135 nautical miles).

Useful tips for your trip from Toulon to Ile Rousse

  • Visit our pages dedicated to Toulon and Ile Rousse to learn more about ferry connections and means of transport.
  • Check through our online booking engine for special offers
  • We suggest you to be at least 30 minutes before departure if traveling without a vehicle or 90 minutes before departure if you have a car for check in and embarkation procedure
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