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Ferry to Valencia - Photo of Valencia's dominating architecture.
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Those who travel with a ferry to Valencia are approaching Spain's third largest city, after Madrid and Barcelona, also home of the well-known "paella"!

A 2,000 year old city, founded by retired Roman soldiers who were given the land from Ceasar as reward for their bravery, the region of Valencia (Valentia Edetanorum, meaning strength) is definitely going to stun everyone who will pay it a visit. Former capital of the medieval kingdom Taifa, now the capital of the Valencia community and the 3rd largest city of Spain, coming after Barcelona and Madrid, with a population of around 2 million inhabitants, taking into consideration the surrounding urban areas. The port of Valencia, the 5th busiest port in terms of cargo shipment, always played a significant role throughout the years and the city was declared as a world center for the global economy by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC). 

Except for being the home of the famous traditional Spanish food, "paella" (grain rice combined with a variety of beans, peas, rabbit, chicken or duck), Valencia is also known for its 7 building complex City of Arts and Science, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava and for its friendly climate with 300 sunny days/year and temperature that does not fall than than 9 degrees in heavy winter and having an average of 25 during summer. 

Book your ferry tickets to Valencia in advance in order to ensure them and have a relaxing holiday in Spain!

Ferries from Valencia

There are numerous departing ferries from Valencia towards the Balearic Islands. The most common routes are the Valencia - Ibiza and Valencia - Palma de Mallorca. There are various crossings throughout the week to both islands, so you do not have to worry about the departure dates. More specifically:

  • The Valencia Ibiza ferry operates at least once a day and requires around 6 hours to arrive, always depending on its type (conventional or high-speed)
  • The Valencia Palma ferry operates 2 or more times per day and with a sum of around 18 weekly departures. The travel duration is approx. 8 hours with a regular ferry

Port of Valencia

The port of Valencia and the marina are situated close to the city center (4km) and just a few kilometers away from the renowned complex "Ciutat de València" of S. Calatrava. It is an immense port of great importance and has contributed significantly in the Valencian area's economy and development. Except for passenger management, it also handles the shipment of goods such as timber, food, vehicles, fuel and more, transferring millions of tones of cargo every year. The Port Authority of Valencia controls too, the ports of Gandía and Sagunto, located south and north respectively. 

In the surrounding area, you can find shops, bars, restaurants and car rental agencies while the public transportation means are frequent and have the capability of transporting you to any point of the city. It is worth mentioning that there is the opportunity of buying a tourist card (VLC Tourist Card) with attractive reductions in all public transportation means (bus, metro, tram), benefiting those who plan to stay a few days in town. Check below your alternatives:

Bus (EMT)

There is a bus service (EMT) that connects all the points of interest and surrounding villages of Valencia. For further information, please visit Valencia Bus.


A well-developed metro system with 9 lines is operating throughout the city. Please, take a look in Valencia Metro for further details.


The Valencian white taxis are 24/7 and you can find them anywhere in town. 


Since Valencia is a flat city, renting a bike is a fun way of getting around. You can choose between a big variety of bikes for hiring. More information in Valencia Bike Rentals.

Valencia Airport to Valencia Port

Valencia Airport (Aeroporto de València or Manises Airport) is located 10km away from the city center and 15km away from the port. It is considered as the 10th busiest airport in Spain and the 2nd busiest in its Region, after Alicante's. After landing at the airport, you can take advantage of the following means of transport:


The bus line 150 can transfer you to downtown in around 40 minutes. Please, check Valencia Airport Bus for itineraries.


Board on the metro line no 5 and reach the port in around 45 minutes. An alternative of line 5 can be the subway line 3 which arrives in the city center. From there, you can reach the port in 15 minutes by bus. Give a look at Valencia Airport Metro for further details.


Plenty of taxis are waiting to pick you up outside the airport's main building. Grab one and hit your destination.

Things to do in Valencia

There are plentiful things to do in Valencia and this is a main reason for its high spot among Spain's most visited cities. The city offers occupations for all ages, from numerous historical sites for sightseeing, to interesting architecture and culture, to entertaining customs, to excellent seawater and beaches, to a plethora of accommodations, bars, clubs, restaurants and boutiques. It is also home of the well-known "paella", which is not the only delicious dish you will taste during your vacation since Spain is distinguished by tis cuisine as well. It is notable to mention that the city is a hub from students from all around the world and under the "Erasmus" program, thus being very lively all year long. Prices in Valencia are not that high considering its size, making it a more attractive destination for holidays. Furthermore, another advantage of Valencia is that it provides constant ferry routes to the Balearic Islands which are at the top place among tourists' summer preferences.

Below is a list of the top things to do in Valencia:

  • 1st in the list couldn't be anything else than the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias)
  • L'Oceanografic Oceanarium
  • The Hemisferic planetarium and cinema
  • The Cathedral and La Lonja de la Seda with their gothic architecture
  • The ancient gate Torres Serranos
  • The market Merchado Central
  • Turia Park (the miracle that Turia River left)
  • Valencia Bioparc zoo
  • El Carmen neighborhood
  • The cities Castellon and Alicante of the region of Valencia
  • Valencia Costa del Azahar (La Malva-Rosa)
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