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Ferry to Venice - View of the beautiful canal with its gondols.
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Passengers who take the ferry to Venice, the “Queen of the Adriatic”, are about to enter Italy’s 3rd most visited city and capital of the Veneto region!

Venice (Venetia) city is located on the northeastern Italy, in the Veneto Region and is facing the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Italy, holds a place among the 50 in the world and this is because of its singularity that it is formed of many small islands linked together. A majority of people who travel to Venice are couples who want to spend their romantic moments or even honeymoons in the magical city. None can doubt that is a unique and stunning place like no other in the world and it is certain that you will need more than one day in Venice in order to take a full taste.

Except for the romantic atmosphere, those who visit Venice the floating city, will find plenty of historical sites to admire. It always has been an important cultural center and its port played a significant role in passenger and cargo shipping.

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How to get to Venice by ferry

If you want to get to Venice by ferry, you can either start from Greece or Croatia. There are many and high developed connections throughout the whole year. Keep in mind that Venice is also a very convenient departure port for Greece if you are coming from middle Europe.

Venice to Corfu: The Venice to Corfu ferry takes approx. 25 hours with the conventional vessel and occurs weekly. It is the shortest journey to Greece from the northeastern coast of Italy.

Venice to Igoumenitsa: The particular ferry crossing lasts about 27 hours with at least two itineraries every week and it’s the fastest way to reach the Greek mainland.

Venice to Patras: The longest journey with a duration of around 30 hours but it is good to know that Patras is very close to the ports of Kyllini in western Greece and Piraeus in Athens. This makes Patras the most popular choice for those who come from Venice and want to visit the Greek islands.

Venice cruise port

The Venice cruise port is one of the busiest ports in Italy and also in the Mediterranean Sea, especially in summer periods where passenger traffic gets really high. Its strategic location makes it crucial for cargo shipping as well. There are many terminals inside the port with Marittima basin and San Basilio being able to handle passengers.

The port of Venice is situated in the Venetian Lagoon. In order to reach the port when coming either from Florence, Rome or Marco Polo Airport or from San Marco, you will have to take advantage of the following means of transport:

Florence to Venice

It is possible to travel from Florence to Venice by using the below:


Take the super fast train from Firenze Santa Maria Novella and arrive in Venezia Santa Lucia in about 2 hours. Further details about train schedules in Florence Trains.


Board on the bus from Piazzale Montelungo and in around 5 hours you will be at Venice. More information in Florence to Venice Buses.

Rome to Venice

Take the trains from Rome to Venice or the bus and reach the “Queen of the Adriatic”.


There is a high-speed train that can transfer you to Venice in almost 3 hours. Please, visit Rome to Venice Trains for further details. 


Take the bus from Rome Tiburtina bus station and reach Venice Mestre in about 8 hours. More information about tickets and schedules on Rome to Venice Bus

Venice Airport to Venice Port

Get to Venice from Venice Airport Marco Polo by taking advantage of the bus, water bus, water taxi or taxi.


There is a bus service just outside the arrivals terminal. Get on one and you will be dropped off at Piazzale Roma in Venice in approx. 25 minutes. Useful information about bus schedules at Venice Airport Buses.

Water Bus

The water bus service (Alilaguna) occurs every hour and it's located 10 minutes away from the airport (by foot). Learn more about the service at Venice Water Bus.

Water Taxi

Follow the signs outside the airport to reach the water taxi dock. Water taxis are the most convenient since they will drop you off very close to your accommodation but also the most expensive way to reach Venice. Please visit Venice Water Taxi for further details.


All taxis are waiting outside the arrivals terminal. Grab one to reach your destination in Venice or call +39 041 5964.

Fusina Terminal to Venice Port

You can easily get to Venice port from Marghera or Fusina Terminal by using the following transportation means.

From Marghera:


Board on the train from Venezia Mestre to Venezia S. Lucia. Further details in Venice Trains.


Catch the bus from Piazza Sant 'Antonio and drop off at Liberta' Santa Chiara in Venice. Detailed infromation about the bus schedules at Venice Buses.


Grab a taxi from Marghera to reach your destination in Venice or call +39 041 5964.

From Fusina Terminal:

Use the public ferry line which connects Fusina Terminal and Venice center, Zattere. Check the Fusina Terminal Boat to organize your trip.

Holidays in Venice

There is none that has returned from Venice and said that his Venice holidays were not fantastic. The floating city is something from another world and it is no coincidence that thousands of tourists visit it every year. The historical landmarks, the culture of the place and the buildings, restaurants, bars inside the canals of Venice combined with the romantic atmosphere and spectacular sunsets will charm even the most demanding visitors. Like the above were not enough, Venice offers a variety of beaches for the sunbathing and sand worshipers.

Below, we provide examples of some places to visit in Venice:

What to Do in Venice

Throughout the years, this beautiful city has been given many nicknames such as “City of Water”, “City of Bridges”, “City of Masks”, “The Floating City” and “The Queen of the Adriatic”. Composed of more than 100 little islands and having such an interesting background, Venice will surely keep you very busy during your stay.
Here are some ideas of the must see and what to do in Venice:

  • Visit Murano and learn everything about glass making
  • Take a gondola ride through the picturesque Burano and stop for a meal
  • Go for sightseeing in the heart of Venice, Saint Marco which hosts St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs
  • Go for shopping

Venice is beautiful even in winter but its full potential can be recognized specifically in summer months (March till late September) and this is when tourism in Venice reaches its peak. Like the referred were not enough, Venice beaches cannot be excluded from the list. Swim and sunbathe under the hot summer sun at:

  • Lido Beach (most famous one)
  • Santa Cristina
  • Sottomarina
  • The white sanded Cavallino Beach
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Looking for travel ideas?
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