Aegeon Pelagos

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Aegeon Pelagos was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of the shipping company Anek Lines. It serves the domestic routes connecting Piraeus to the southern Aegean Sea and Crete to the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and the Eastern Aegean islands with its 8 vessel fleet that consists of conventional vessels.

The Aegeon Pelagos vessels are luxurious decorated and fully equipped. From the moment they enter one of these ships, the travellers get the well-known state-of-the-art treatment of the parent company, Anek Lines. Warm welcome and hospitality is one of the main characteristics of the crew offering you the best possible service on board the ship.

Public areas, deck and air type seats as well as many different cabin types are very comfortable, making every trip with a ship of Aegeon Pelagos an absolute enjoyable journey to the desired destination.

You can enjoy a large variety of drinks in the bar or taste the local cuisine in the self-service restaurants or spent some time shopping in the ship’s boutiques .Get a glimpse of the wide blue sea on deck and enjoy the warm sun of Greece.

Aegeon Pelagos Embarkation

For the Aegeon Pelagos embarkation passengers and vehicles must check-in at the port offices as follows:

  • Passengers at least 1 hour and vehicles at least 2 hours prior to the Aegeon Pelagos departure.

In case the above mentioned time frame is not hold, Aegeon Pelagos reserve the right to cancel the reservation with 100% cancellation fees.

The Aegeon Pelagos embarkation time and regulations are handled by the corresponding port authorities. Drivers must follow the instructions of the Aegeon Pelagos crew at the time of embarkation and disembarkation. Occupants of the vehicles are asked to leave the vehicle before it is driven on board of the Aegeon Pelagos ferry.

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  • Plan and book your Aegeon Pelagos passage now and not later, thereby ensuring more holiday time!
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