ANES Ferries

Book online your ANES Ferries from the Greek mainland to the Greek islands and save up to 20%!

ANES Ferries is a shipping company with approximately 1300 shareholders, the vast majority of which are permanent residents of Symi (Euboia). The company was founded in 1979, aiming to bring the island out of isolation. That way job positions were created for the locals allowing them to remain on the island stimulating commodity and giving a boost to both, passenger and tourist traffic.

With newly renovated vessels Agios Nektarios and Proteus you can enjoy a luxurious trip to the Saronic and Sporades archipelagos. Each ferry has a capacity over 400 passengers and 100 vehicles, offering a variety of beverages and drinks which you can enjoy both outdoors and indoors in comfortable seats and lounges.

Saronic islands are popular for their unique beauty and close distance to the city of Athens making them easy to reach offering affordable excursions in beautiful surroundings, whilst the Sporades, are going to seduce you with their crystal waters and sunny beaches.

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