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Plan your trip and board on the ferries of Ionian Seaways from the Greek Island of Corfu to the city of Saranda in Albania and have a great holiday!

Ionian Seaways, in partnership with Ionian Cruises, is a ferry company based in the island of Corfu, Greece and operates routes between Corfu and Saranda in Albania since 1979. There are many connections that are taking place daily and there are offices in both ports. The carrier owns 3 vessels, Ionian Sun, Santa and Santa III, with the later two being high-speeds that reduce the travel time from 1.5 hour to 30 minutes. The ships do not have numbered seats and are also including specially designed areas for pets.

It is worth mentioning that the carrier is organizing tours in the Ionian Sea with its passenger vessel Christina. It is also cooperating with transport companies that can transfer passengers to their accommodations from the ports and the airports and vice versa. 

Book your ferry tickets with Ionian Seaways in advance and have a wonderful vacation!


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