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Board on the fast vessels of Navi Tremiti and cross the Adriatic Sea, starting from Italy's east coast towards the popular and magnificent Tremiti Islands!

Navi Tremiti (Gruppo Armatori Garganici, N.L. Adriatica) is an Italian shipping company based in Peschici and serves routes between the eastern mainland of Italy towards the beautiful Tremiti Islands and more specifically, to their most developed one, San Domino. Passengers can either begin their journeys from Termoli, Capoiale (Capojale), Rodi Garganico (Rodi G. Co), Peschici and Vieste. 

The connections with its fast motor vessels Onda, Freccia Azzurra, Costa Adriatica, Elia Jet require less than 2 hours and passengers have the ability to enjoy the sailings from the enchanting panoramic sunny decks. They also include facilities for our beloved 4-legged friends plus meet all the specifications for people with reduced mobility.

Book in advance your ferry tickets with Navi Tremiti and enjoy your time in Italy's charming Tremiti Islands!


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