Accommodation & Amenities on Board

See here all possible accommodation options and amenities the vessels offer!

To find out which accommodation and amenities options each vessel type offers, please, visit our Vessel Types and / or Ferry Operators page.


There are many accommodation options you can choose from for your best travel convenience!

Deck Seats (Economy Deck)

Deck seats can be occupied freely; passengers have free choice of seats.

On conventional vessels these seats can be found in the interior space in form of comfortable chairs, lined up armchairs and sofas with tables near the bars and cafeterias and on the outdoor deck usually in form of plastic chairs and benches with tables that are not very suitable for longer journeys.

On high speed and flying dolphins / catamaran vessels deck seats are numbered and comparable to airline seats but roomier.

In the economy deck passengers can store their luggage in racks which are arranged in different areas of the ferry ship and therefore the luggage may not be near the seat.

Air Type Seats (ATS)

Air type seats are the common reclining seats most of us know from the airlines but with more leg space and roomier in general. These seats are numbered and can only be occupied from passengers with such a seat ticket. If booked so, passengers will receive their predestined seat number during check-in procedure. Usually air type seats are located in separate lounges on board that are comfortable and quiet and invite for a short nap. Inside those lounges passengers have the possibility to store their luggage in designated racks near their seats and the entrance of the lounge. Private lounges can be compared to a first class compartment in a train.

Business Class Seats (VIP)

Business class seats are located in a separate section of the ship with larger seat spaces which are considered to be the most comfortable ones. Business class seats have their own cafeterias, bars and luggage storage and are restricted to passengers with business class seat tickets.


Cabins provide passengers the convenience of traveling more comfortably for a slightly higher price. You can choose between 1-bed, 2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed cabins.

You can also share a cabin with someone else of the same sex.

All cabins are equipped with clean linen and towels, a separate bathroom and plenty of space to relax.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose between an outside (window with sea view) and an inside cabin (without window, suitable for passengers who get seasick for they are situated in a more central location of the vessel and are less susceptible to rocking).

In all cabins smoking is not allowed.

Pure Cabins

Pure cabins have all of the above cabin characteristics plus an ionizer for improving the quality of the air in the room.

Pet Cabins

Pet cabins are exclusively designated for passengers traveling with their pets. Usually these cabins do not have a carpet and are inside cabins in most cases.

If you are looking to travel with your pet in a cabin, a kennel or on deck, use our "pet friendly" booking engine and / or go to Pets on Board for more information. 

Lux Cabins

Lux Cabins provide and even more comfortable accommodation with more bedroom, living room and bathroom space. These cabins are usually located in the front area of the ships and offer fantastic frontal views over the sea.


The journey is a vital part of your vacation. Feel as comfortable as it gets!


Restaurants are available on conventional vessels and long distance crossings. There are two types of restaurants: a la carte and self-service. Both offer a wide range of warm and cold foods, drinks and beverages, salads, fruits and desserts. You can pay cash or with credit / debit card. 

Cafes & Bars

Cafes and bars are available on all vessel types. The conventional vessels have more than one and offer a wider range of foods and drinks. On the high speed and dolphin / catamaran vessels you will be able to buy an empowering snack and cool refreshment or coffee. The cafeterias and bars remain open during the entire trip. You can pay cash or with credit / debit card. 

Luggage Storage

There are various luggage storage areas available on all vessel types. According to your ferry ticket (Deck Seat, ATS, VIP) you will find designated storage racks for your luggage. There are no luggage restrictions and no extra charges. Nevertheless, there are cases, e.g. deck seat ticket, where you will have to storage your luggage further away from your seating place.

Pool Deck

The pool deck is the ideal place to relax and hangout while getting closer to your desired summer destination. Here you can enjoy the hot sun and feel the summer breeze along with cool refreshments from the pool bar. Even if a pool isn't available or it isn't filled with water, don't miss by good weather to take advantage of the sunny deck.

Vehicle Garage

Conventional vessels and many high speed vessels offer large garage spaces that can transfer securely a high number of vehicles, often on many different floors. Automatic stairs and / or elevators bring passengers to the passenger travel decks. No stay on the below garage floors is allowed during crossing time. Only passengers travelling with the option Camping on Board are in some cases allowed to stay with their camper vehicles on the open deck during the entire journey.

WC's & Showers

On all ships public WC's are available to use during the entire crossing. On some conventional vessels and / or international routes public showers are also available.


For your recreational purposes some conventional vessels offer on international routes shops, a nightclub, a casino, dedicated video games area and a sauna / massage service (ask for it at the ship's reception).

Air Conditioning & Heating

The indoor areas of all Vessel Types are air conditioned / heated.


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