Bookings & payments

Simplified bookings and payments give you maximum hassle-freeness. If you are asking for additional instructions, here's where to begin.

In most cases, you will be entitled to a discount as the booking system of isferry has implemented the majority of discounts the carriers offer.

Most discounts and special offers are combinable and are applied automatically during the booking process. Just be sure to enter correct and valid personal information data when proceeding with the booking.

Go to our dedicated discounts & offers page for more information on all possible rebates you can get!

Certainly. If the carrier provides a discount of that kind, you will be able to see the reduced rates during the booking process.

We recommend doing so 24 hours before the scheduled departure. For that, please get in touch with the embarkation/ port/ check-in office of the carrier you are traveling with. The contact details of the embarkation/ port/ check-in office of the ferry operator you are traveling with can be found on your booking confirmation. Reconfirm the departure time and the vessel indicated in your booking, as carriers retain the right to replace the vessel in an emergency (mechanical failure etc.).

In any case, we insist on providing a valid mobile telephone number while making your booking via the isFerry booking system over which you are available as ferry operators can try to contact you if any schedule and vessel changes occur.

isferry does not send tickets by post. Instead, after completing the booking process successfully, you will receive an email confirmation that will include all necessary information about your booking, such as the booking reference numbers and a link to the booking management page.

Those booking reference numbers are necessary to check-in and receive your actual boarding ticket. For the check-in you have two options available. Either you check-in through the web or at the port of departure.

Certainly. If the carrier provides a special rate of that kind, you will be able to see the reduced fares during the booking process.

After completing your booking through our webpage, you will receive an email confirmation including all necessary information, such as the booking reference numbers and a link to the booking management page. So whether you make your reservation online or by phone, it's fast and easy.

As soon as requests you enter the vehicle's license plate number and further car information, write “Rented” in the respective fields. On the day of your departure, you will hand in the correct data at the check-in office of the corresponding port. Dimensions and the type of vehicle cannot differ from the stated data in your booking. You will have to pay the difference at the port office if this event occurs.

Anek Superfast Ferries and Minoan Lines offer camping on board service on the Ancona Greece, Venice Greece and Bari Greece routes.

You are entitled to stay in and use your camper during the entire ferry crossing by booking the camping on board service. Your vehicle is parked in the open garage space and access to a 220V power supply is given. No additional accommodation is necessary to be booked and you can use all the ship's public spaces. This service is available from April 1st to October 31st and can be booked online via isferry from November of each year.

There is a second camping on board service called camping all-inclusive. With this option, you get a cabin for the price of the deck passage plus vehicle price and a 20% discount on all meals and beverages on board. Your vehicle is parked in a closed garage space and access to it is prohibited during the entire ferry crossing. A 220V power supply is provided. This service is available and bookable all year round.

Please go to our dedicated camping on board pages for more detailed information.

isferry offers its customers an innovative and simple way to display their booking confirmations online and cancel, print and download them.

The “easy-way” booking system of isferry enables accurate bookings and instant printout of the booking confirmation to provide customers an inexpensive, simple and quick service in a fully electronic form! Customers can manage their bookings online via my account page and print and download the prepaid electronic ferry ticket.

The “easy-way” booking system simplifies the purchase of your ferry ticket by implementing the same method used by the airline companies:

  1. Booking and payment over the internet
  2. Online receival of the booking confirmation
  3. Check-in at the port of departure
  4. Embarkation

Upon successful completion of the booking procedure, you will receive an email booking confirmation with the issued booking reference numbers, essential trip details, and a link to my account page. Below information will be accessible to you:

  • Booking reference numbers
  • Your booked itineraries and accommodation
  • Maps and contact details for the port office(s) for check-in and boarding pass issuance, as well as for the embarkation port(s) for boarding
  • Embarkation procedure details

To receive your boarding pass at the respective port office, you must state your booking reference number and present valid identification or passport card. Go to the check-in and embarkation section of our frequently asked questions for more information.

You can choose between various payment methods.

  • Credit, debit and prepaid cards: Visa, VPay, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express (AMEX), Diners, Discover, JCB, Union Pay and many more local card brands (co-branded cards)
  • Paypal: you can proceed with your payment with a PayPal account or without by just using your credit, debit or prepaid card via PayPal
  • Bank transfer: upon booking completion, you receive our bank account details to make the payment. After the finalization of the bank transfer payment (we have to see the amount in our bank account), we will confirm your booking
  • Direct debit: Sofort

As we are a PCI DSS and RapidSSL certified company, we assure you that for all transactions, we follow the strict regulations held by the internationally recognized business council.

Please refer to the following information for credit, debit & prepaid card payments.

Your credit, debit, or prepaid card information is securely sent to the bank institution through SSL-Protocol (Secure Socket Layer). Before being sent, the information is encrypted and codified and will not be decrypted before arriving at the resp. bank institution. This way, no unauthorized person can access your personal information. The SSL Protocol uses a secured link between the internet browser and the internet server to send the credit, debit, or prepaid card information. In addition, your data is encrypted, so no third party can view your entry. SSL-Protocol does not insure applications or documents but only the route between the server and the website. Through the usage of an SSL-Protocol, the risk of the data being intercepted online is remarkably reduced.  

At the last step of your booking procedure (4th booking step), select "Payment with credit card". The complete payment procedure will take place securely on our platform without redirecting at any time to another page. After completing the payment successfully, you will automatically receive your payment confirmation note.

Please refer to the following information for PayPal payments.

You can make your payment transactions conveniently, quickly and safely through your usual financial institution by using PayPal!

To pay with PayPal, please select the respective option at the last step of your booking procedure. Then, our web page will display a pop-up window to you to proceed in the usual PayPal manner! No redirection or waiting time will get in your way! After completing the transaction, you will automatically receive your payment confirmation note. The customer must defray additional PayPal charges that may occur.

Please refer to the following information for bank transfer payments.

You can purchase your ferry tickets without using a card, PayPal, or Sofort, but simply by using our Pay-&-Confirm bank transfer option!

To pay with bank transfer, please select the respective option at the last step of your booking. A window with all necessary information for the bank transfer will pop up. Take all the required simple steps explained to finalize the payment. You can print or note the information on this page and proceed with paying the total amount at your bank within 48 hours.

Please, do not forget to state the booking number and the sender’s name when making the bank transfer. If you use e-banking or telephone banking, the booking number and name of the sender are also compulsory. The customer must defray additional banking charges that may occur. After receiving your payment, we will send you the booking confirmation.

It is essential to make the bank transfer payment to the travel agency's bank account that is responsible for your booking!

How to inform us about your bank transfer (absolutely required)

You must notify us immediately after making the bank transfer to proceed with your reservation.

  1. On our website, click "My booking"
  2. Enter your email address (the same one you used for the booking) and your booking reference number
  3. Click on the field "Find"
  4. Select "Bank transfer confirmation"
  5. Your reservation form will appear
  6. Enter the name of the bank you have used for the transaction and select the bank to which the total amount has been transferred to
  7. Enter the date of the transaction
  8. Click on "Send" to complete the action
  9. Your payment confirmation will be sent to you and us by email

How to receive your confirmation

We will make the booking for you as soon as we confirm your payment. You will get your booking confirmation within 24 hours by email. In case you don’t receive your confirmation within 48 hours, you can print your "Confirmation" by yourself as follows:

  1. On our website, click on "My booking"
  2. Enter your email address (the same one you used for the booking) and booking reference number
  3. Click on "Find"
  4. Select "Print confirmation"


If you haven’t received your confirmation after the expiration of the 48 hours and for any reason whatsoever you are not able to print your booking confirmation, please, contact us by email.

The payment of the whole amount for your booking and the transfer confirmation should be sent to us as soon as possible to secure your reservations.

You will receive a full refund if we cannot carry out your reservations due to availability shortages.

If our booking system does not show the bank transfer option, the period until the departure is too short. Payments by bank transfer can only be made up to 10 days before departure. In that case, the payment must be made by credit card, PayPal, or Sofort; otherwise, the date of departure must be postponed.

Please refer to the following information for direct debit payments.

Sofort payment is another convenient way to pay for your online booking. Sofort is a direct debit payment option. You pay securely by using your online banking account!

Our customer support department is trying to respond timely and accurately to all incoming customer requests by email, chat or phone. Unfortunately, it is possible to experience some delays in high season periods. Be assured that our customer support team prioritizes customers’ requests appropriately to be handled promptly. The high season period is from 15th June to 20th August.

One or more of the below-listed reasons could be responsible:

  • The system accepts bookings only up to 1 day before departure (depending on the payment method)
  • The main server of isferry may be out of service at the time of your booking. Please try again after 5 minutes
  • The system may be overloaded at the time of your booking. Please try again after a short while
  • Please contact us if it is still not possible to proceed with the booking