Payment Methods

To simplify your ferry booking experience, we offer various ways of payment!

Either by Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card, PayPal, or Bank Transfer, we accept any of these payment methods! And as we are a PCI DSS ans RapidSSL certified company, we assure you that all transactions will be handled in accordance to the strict regulations held by the internationally recognized business council.

Credit, Debit & Prepaid Cards

Your data is secured by SSL-Protocol when using your Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card!

Your Credit, Debit or Prepaid Card information is securely sent through SSL-Protocol (Secure Socket Layer) to the bank institution. Prior to being sent, the information is encrypted and codified and will not be decrypted before arriving at the resp. bank institution. In this way, no one who is unauthorized can access your personal information.

The SSL-Protocol uses a secured link between the internet browser and the internet server in order to send the Credit, Debit and Prepaid Card information. In addition, your data is encrypted so that no third party can view your entry. SSL-Protocol does not insure applications or documents, but only the route between the server and the website.

Through the usage of a SSL-Protocol, the risk of the data being intercepted online is remarkably reduced.  

Following Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX (American Express), Maestro, V-Pay, Visa Electron.

At the last step of your booking procedure (4th booking step) select "Payment with Credit Card". The complete payment procedure will take securely place on our platform without redirecting at any time to an other page. After completing the payment you will automatically receive your payment confirmation note.


You can make your payment transactions in a convenient, fast and safe way through your usual financial institution by using PayPal!

At the last step of your booking procedure (4th booking step) select "Payment with PayPal". A PayPal pop-up form will be instantly shown to you in order to proceed in the usual PayPal manner! No redirection or waiting time will get in your way! After the transaction is completed you will automatically receive your payment confirmation note. Additional PayPal charges that may occur must be defrayed by the customer.

Bank Transfer

From now on you can purchase your ferry tickets without using Credit Card or PayPal, but simply by using our Pay-&-Confirm by Bank Transfer system!

At the 4th booking step of your booking click on "Payment by Bank Transfer". A window with all necessary "Information on Bank Transfer" will pop-up. Take all the necessary simple steps explained in order to finalize the payment. Print or note the information on this page and proceed with the payment of the full amount at your bank within 48 hours.

Please, do not forget to state the booking number and the sender’s name when making the Bank Transfer. If you use e-Banking or Telephone Banking the booking number and name of the sender is also compulsory. Additional banking charges that may occur must be defrayed by the customer. After the receipt of your payment we will send you a booking confirmation.

Check below the bank account details of our cooperating travel agencies:

It is absolutely important to make the bank transfer payment to the travel agency's bank account that is responsible for your booking!


It is very important that you let us know immediately after making the Bank Transfer in order to proceed with your reservation.

  1. On our website click "My Booking".
  2. Enter your e-Mail address (the same you have used for the booking) and your booking reference number.
  3. Click on the field "Find".
  4. Select "Bank Transfer Confirmation".
  5. Your reservation form will appear.
  6. Enter the name of your bank you have used for the transaction and select the bank where the full amount has been transferred to.
  7. Enter the date of transaction.
  8. Click on "Send" to complete the action.
  9. Your payment confirmation will be sent to us and to you by e-Mail.


As soon as we confirm your payment, we will make the booking for you. You will get your booking confirmation within 24 hours by e-Mail. In case you don’t receive your confirmation within 48 hours, you can print your "Confirmation" by yourself as following:

  1. On our website click on "My Booking".
  2. Enter your e-Mail address (the same you have used for the booking) and booking reference number.
  3. Click on "Find".
  4. Select "Print Confirmation".


In case you haven’t received your confirmation after the expiration of the 48 hour period and for any reason whatsoever you are not able to print your booking confirmation, please, contact us by E-Mail:

The payment of the whole amount for your booking and the transfer confirmation should be sent to us as soon as possible in order to secure your reservations.

Should we not be able to carry out your reservations due to overbooking and should you not be satisfied with alternative proposals, you will receive a full refund.

In case our booking system does not show the option "Payment by Bank Transfer", it means that the time period until departure is too short. Payments by Bank Transfer can only be implemented up to 10 days before departure. In that case the payment has to be made by Credit Card or PayPal or otherwise the date of departure must be postponed.


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