Ferry to Agia Marina (Leros)

Ferry to Agia Marina Leros - Picturesque scenery consisting of clay cubes and a taverna table with chairs in front of a small port.
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Passengers who travel by the ferry to Agia Marina in Leros, arrive on the ninth of twelve islands in the Prefecture of the Dodecanese in the Mediterranean sea!

Agia Marina is the second harbor in the northeast part of Leros one of the main towns of Leros which is closely connected to Panteli and Platanos. All three of these areas form the capital of Leros. Its picturesque harbor is located north of Platanos and south of Panteli and today it is the second largest port of the island. It covers an area of 53 square kilometers with 71 kilometers of total coastal length. It is considered to be a rocky island with small, flat areas scattered among the high grounds.

Right at the entrance of the port stands the Byzantine fortress of Bourtzi. Of great interest is also the archeological collection of Agia Marina as well as the churches of Christ the Savior, the Holy Cross and the remarkable church of Agia Marina that embellish this town. The settlement is dominated by the famous Castle of Panagia, which is built on top of the hill Apitiki offering wonderful panoramic views to the open sea.

Agia Marina is one of the most beautiful settlements in Leros with many traditional houses that spread from the port until the foot of the hill and imposing mansions that create a labyrinth of narrow alleys, worth admiring.

Agia Marina is the most popular tourist resort of Leros. Make your booking to Agia Marina in Leros in advance in order to avoid any last moment surprises.

Getting to Agia Marina in Leros by ferry

Leros is connected with Greece’s main port, Piraeus and the rest of the islands of the Dodecanese like Kalymnos and Kos for example, by regular ferries from Piraeus. Leros is connected with the neighboring islands through the scheduled services provided by smaller, local passenger ships.

Agia Marina Leros ferry port

Agia Marina is one of the main towns of Leros and the second-largest port on the island that enjoys a lovely position in a picturesque harbor. Its many traditional dwellings spread up the hill and classical mansions houses merge with traditional whitewashed houses to create a pretty walking destination. Cafes and taverns line the quayside and the Byzantine fortress of Bourtzi stands at the harbor, along with the old windmill.

Transportation in Agia Marina, Leros

The transportation in Agia Marina is quite limited because Leros is a small island with buses only running between the main harbor and the villages. You can find taxis in most areas and car/bike rental is an option as well, if you prefer to move around the island at your own pace.

Holidays in Agia Marina, Leros

Away from the crowded and fashionable destinations, the large travel agencies and hasty travelers, on the island you will enjoy simple, everyday things without feeling at all isolated. This is Leros, the island of Artemis, the island of the castles and the Byzantine churches, with its picturesque homes and mansions, its Bauhaus settlement at Lakki that is unique in Europe, its mooring places and its virgin beaches, the open-hearted, fun-loving, hospitable people of Leros, the verdant landscape and crystal clear waters.

Beaches in Agia Marina, Leros

Agia Marina Beach is the long and narrow sandy beach of the settlement and it has the historical windmill in the background. Its shallow waters are suitable for families with young children. It is one of the most famous beaches of the island.

Sightseeing in Agia Marina, Leros

  • The Archaeological Museum of Leros: is located next to the primary school of Agia Marina. It is housed in a Neoclassical building of 1882 and hosts a small but interesting collection. Among its exhibits are ancient utilitarian objects and inscribed architectural members. The exhibits were excavated in Leros or in close small islands of the Aegean that remain uninhabited or sparsely-inhabited today, such as Arki and Marathi. The collection of the museum includes coins of various historical periods, resolutions of the ancient city-states of Leros, tomb columns, ancient inscriptions and relief of the Classical times depicting an old man with a walking stick
  • The Church of Agia Marina: The homonymous village was named after the beautiful church of Agia Marina in Leros. Standing only 100m from the port, this beautiful church was constructed in the 1930s. It has a nice facade and two bell towers on each side
  • The Flour Mill: The capital town of Leros covers an area of about 55 sq. km. In this picturesque town, you can visit the Roman fortress at the port of Platanos, a well-preserved castle and a monastery built on the ancient ruins of the Apitini hill. There is a Roman castle set up in the ruins of the ancient acropolis at the entry of the port of Agia Marina. One of the most significant attractions in Leros, however, is the conventional flour mill of the 20th century at the seaside near the entry of the port. You would be left spellbound at the fresh looking and well-preserved remains of this old flour mill. This is one attraction that is definitely not to be missed
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