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Ferry to Dodecanese Islands - Charming traditional seaside taverns (restaurants) of Greece - Pantelli beach, Leros. Dodecanese.
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Passengers who travel by ferry to Dodecanese Islands arrive in a group of islands with unique beauty and great history that you will surely fall in love with.

The Greek islands of Dodecanese are located on the southeastern side of Greece, between the Cyclades and the coasts of Turkey. Less popular than the Cyclades and with a different style, these Greek islands stand out for their Medieval architecture and the peaceful beaches.

The most popular Greek Dodecanese Islands are Rhodes and Kos, while Karpathos, Astypalea, and Symi are also getting famous over the last years. Kalymnos is developing as a rock climbing destination, Leros is a diving destination, while Patmos is famous for its spiritual character. The rest islands of Dodecanese, smaller in size, are considered more alternative holiday destinations.

Book a ferry to a Dodecanese Island now and not later since they are bustling in summer months and it is possible that you will not find any availability.

Getting to Dodecanese Islands by ferry

Getting to the Greek islands in the Dodecanese Archipelago can be achieved from the port of Piraeus. Due to the long distance between Piraeus to the Dodecanese, the trips are long. Alternatively, there are also daily ferries between Rhodes, Kos and all the islands of Dodecanese. Karpathos and Kasos, which are located on the southern side of Dodecanese in Greece, are also connected by ferry to Agios Nikolaos and Sitia in Crete, during summer.

From two islands of the Dodecanese, there are also ferries to Turkey in summer. Ferries from Kos Town port go to Bodrum in Turkey, while ferries from Rhodes Town port go to Marmaris in Turkey. All these ferries have the ability of carrying passengers and cars.

Piraeus to Dodecanese Islands

Get from the biggest port in Greece, Piraeus, to Dodecanese in an average of 8-9 hours, depending mostly on the type of vessel and the destination's situation. There are several crossings every day from many shipping companies so there is no need to worry about the schedules.

Holidays in the Dodecanese Islands

Located on the south eastern side of the Aegean Sea, the island group of Dodecanese, in Greece, is getting very popular for summer holidays. Due to the long Venetian occupation, these islands have a strong Medieval style and many interesting monuments. Rhodes and Kos are the most popular islands of the group, while Karpathos and Patmos are also gradually developing without losing their original character though. The rest of the islands are more quiet and truly relaxing.

Beaches in Dodecanese Islands

All over the Dodecanese Islands you will find a lot of clean and crystal clear water sandy beaches. The beaches on the Dodecanese Islands are amongst the cleanest and most beautiful in Greece. Here you will enjoy unforgettable moments under the hot Aegean Sea summer sun.

Some beaches are secluded, while others are organized with umbrellas, watersport activities, and other activities. Here are our best beaches of the Dodecanese:

  • Kyra Panagia, Apella (Karpathos)
  • Antoni Quinn, Tsampika, Thermes (Rhodes)
  • Tiganakia (Arki)
  • Agios Stefanos, Kefalos (Kos)
  • St. George Disalonas (Symi)
  • Koutsomitis (Astypalea)
  • Hochlaki (Nisyros)
  • Livadi Geranou (Patmos)

Places to visit in Dodecanese Islands

In the Dodecanese, you’ll see and taste the historical influences of the parade of cultures that have passed through, from Romans and crusading medieval knights to Byzantine and Ottoman rulers. Think plenty of pasta, sugary baklava, stunning minarets, walled cities and crumbling mountain top castles.

  • In Rhodes, the medieval old town, the castle of Lindos, the baths of Kallithea, the butterflies but also the beautiful Lachania inland or the deserted monuments of Italian rule to the Prophet Elias
  • In Patmos, the labyrinthine alleys of Chora around the castle monastery, the nights in "Astoivi", the dives in Psili Ammos, Diakofti, Agriolivadi, Lampi, Groiko and Kampos
  • In Symi, breathe neoclassical nobility by climbing Kali Strata, swim in the shadow of the rocks in Ai-Giorgis Disalonas and hike on beautiful paths
  • In Nisyros, stand in the "living" crater of the volcano, to be left in the view from Nikia and Emporios and in the rachati in the square of Ilikiomeni. For the sea, go down to the transparent waters of Pachia Ammos
  • In Tilos the sweets on the roof of "Ilakati" after the ascent to the castle of Megalo Chorio, the monastery of Agios Panteleimon, the ruined Mikro Chorio, the dives in Plaka, Lethra and Skafi
  • In Leros, the sunset in the castle, the afternoon ouzo in the picturesque Pateli, the quiet longboats in Agia Kioura and Belfouti, the traditional festivals and the Leri dishes cooked in "Esperides"
  • In Kos, get ready for an archeological safari in the city, the Asclepieion and the castle of Antimacheia, for a romance with sunset at Paleo Pyli, fish appetizers in the remote Limiona and sunbathing in Paradise
  • In Kalymnos, try octopus meatballs in Pothia, to discover the neighborhoods with the neoclassical and the picturesque Emporio, to take the boat to the quiet island of Telendos and -why not? - to learn climbing; the island is the paradise of sports
  • In Karpathos, a colorful experience on the 15th of August in Olympus, liberating loneliness in Mesochori, wonderful beaches, adored macaroni in the tavern "I Oraia Karpathos" in Pigadia
  • In Astypalea, the gaze from the most charming castle in the Aegean, the sunset in the bar "Kastro", the dives in Kaminakia and then the goodies in the tavern of Linda
  • In Halki, rent a stone mansion in the port to have the sea in front of you, go up to the knight castle in Palio Chorio and if you are here on 29/8, do not miss the festival at the monastery of Agios Ioannis

Island hopping in the Dodecanese

The ferry crossings that regularly connect the Dodecanese islands makes island-hopping simple.

Hereunder, you will find some of our suggestions for island hopping in Dodecanese islands:

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