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Tourists who arrive by ferry to Alexandroupolis are landing on the biggest port of Thrace also very important and known for its huge trademark Lighthouse!

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Passengers who are travelling to the destination Alexandroupolis are being disembarked at a port of great importance in Thrace, northern Greece. The port of Alexandroupolis has a strategic position and connects eastern Europe with western Asia. Once a little village, now it has become a big cosmopolitan city with many road and sea connections. It is known for its famous trademark, the enormous 27 meter high with 6 floors lighthouse whose ray of light can reach a 23 mile distance. The city center is very busy with wide streets, many bars and restaurants, Greek taverns all along the coast and big hotels. Close, you can find the delta of the gigantic Evros River where the fresh water is mixed with the salted water of the sea. There, except for the picturesque landscape, you can witness many species of birds, fish and serpents. Next and close to the bridge which separates Greece with Turkey, is the temple of Virgin Mary with its unique architecture and imposing posture. In Alexandroupolis’ Traianoupoli, you can also find the famous thermal springs of Evros River where many people visit for their beneficial capabilities. In the city you can find one of the many Cyclops Caves which exist in Greece. The Ecclesiastical Art Museum can be a really interesting place for culture lovers since it exhibits many religious and cultural relics and the Ethnological Museum to learn everything about the place’s local history. Getting around Alexandroupolis can be a really fun thing to do due to the fact that the town is full of shops, bars, restaurants and cafeterias under a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Of course the delicious Greek cuisine will definitely satisfy you with its unique tastes so your stay in Alexandroupolis will be even more enjoyable.

Alexandroupolis has approx. 72.000 inhabitants and is located in Thrace, north Greece and close to the boarders with Turkey. Ferry routes Alexandroupolis occur from and to Samothraki and most frequently in summer months.

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Ferry Port Alexandroupolis

  • 681 00 Alexandroupolis, Greece
  • Tel.: +30 255 135 6200
  • GPS: 40.845502, 25.881984
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