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Tourists who arrive by ferry to Alexandroupolis are landing on the biggest port of Thrace also very important and known for its huge trademark Lighthouse!

Alexandroupoli or Alexandroupolis is a city in Greece and the capital of Evros, an important commercial center and port of northeastern Greece and the most important hub for the district. It is the largest city in Thrace with a population of 57.812 inhabitants.

Alexandroupoli was founded by the Turks as Dedeagac in the 19th century and grew into a fishing village. It is believed that the name derives from an old Turkish wise man who spent most of his life under the shade of a tree, later to be buried under it. The city later became the center of an agricultural hinterland raising tobacco, cattle, silk and grains. During the Russo Turkish War the city was captured by the Russians but the Ottoman rule ended officially during the First Balkan war as the city was captured by Bulgaria later to come under the control of Greece after the defeat of Bulgaria in World War I. In 1920, the King Alexander I of Greece visited the city and the local authorities renamed the city in his honor. The zone of Alexandroupolis and the area of Evros Delta and Lake Vistonida was inhabited by Cicones, Thracian people with whom, according to the myth, Odysseus and his companions fought on their return from Troy.

Today Alexandroupolis is following a rapid economic growth thanks to the airport, the port and Egnatia odos and it offers to its inhabitants a great quality of life with environmental balance and intense cultural activity.

Book your ferry tickets to Alexandroupolis in advance and enjoy the sheer natural beauty of the city, the interesting museums, the ruined mosques and the neoclassical buildings.

Ferry from Alexandroupolis to Samothraki

From the port of Alexandroupolis at the moment there is only one ferry operator offering routes to the popular and beautiful island of Samothraki. There is at least one route per day, served by a conventional ferry (for passengers and cars) and the duration of the sailing is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Port of Alexandroupolis

The port of Alexandroupolis is one of the most important ports of Greece and the only port of Thrace. The construction of the port began in the 19th century under the Ottoman authorities and in 1880 the French Company of Ottoman Lighthouses built the lighthouse in the port that became the city’s symbol. As the greatest commercial hub around the area it receives fishing, tourist, passenger and merchant ships and due to its strategic location on Nato’s eastern flank it has important military significance. There are many tourist facilities such as mini markets, taverns, cafes, shops and plenty of accommodation options all around the aerea.

Transportation in Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupoli has a big road network. Egnatia Odos is the main road that passes through Alexandroupolis and it connects the city with Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Thessaloniki, Kavala and Komotini to the west and Evros to the east.


There is a public bus service that connects the center with the Airport, the Hospital and a few surrounding areas. For more information, please call +30 255 102 8844.


Even though it is a more expensive option it transfers you easily and fast to your destination. There are a few taxi stands around the port and the center of the city. In order to book one, please call +30 2551 033500.

Alexandroupolis Airport to Alexandroupolis Port

Alexandroupoli has an airport (Dimokritos International Airport) located about 6km from the city center. There are daily flights to and from the capital of Greece, Athens and Crete. The airport is connected to the center of Alexandroupolis with taxis and buses.


The bus terminal is just outside the airport. Get on a bus and reach the city center in less than 20 minutes. More information in Alexandroupolis Airport Buses.


In front of the arrivals terminal is the taxi stand. Taxis are available on a 24/7 basis. The journey time to Alexandroupolis port takes approx. 10 minutes and costs 20 Euro. Please check Alexandroupolis Taxis for more specific information.

Holidays in Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupoli, the largest port of Thrace is an enchanting destination with a rich history and an ideal vase for holiday excursions. The streets have an atmospheric ambiance and the waterfront is lined with cafes, restaurants and hotels. A drive around the area will lead you to many hidden gems ready to be discovered.

For your convenience please find below some of the best things to do and see in Alexandroupolis:

The dominant lighthouse

The lighthouse is the attraction and symbol of the city. It was built in 1850, it stands 27m tall and its light can be seen 37km away.

Dadia Forest

The Dadia Forest National Park, a large area of natural woodland, is one of the most important protected areas at national and international scaleIdeal for hiking, bird watching and nature lovers.

Panagia Kosmosotira

One of the most significant sights in the area ecclesiastically and architecturally speaking. The monastery was built around 1152 and is one of the most historic in Greece and the reference point of the Christians in Thrace.

The Evros Delta

An important wetland with a significant value of wildlife and humanity. Hundreds of thousands of birds find food and shelter in Evros Delta which makes the delta a magnet for birdwatchers.

Cave of Cyclops

The famous cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus with traces since the Neolithic period.

Thermal Springs

Located approximately 14km away from the city. The thermal springs of Traianoupoli are one of the most famous hot springs in the region since ancient times.

Ethnological Museum

It has a collection of thematic units, such as the worship and music tradition in Thrace, ceramics, traditional costumes and everyday objects.

Beaches in Alexandroupolis

The beaches of Alexandroupolis may be famous for their beauty and the deep blue waters however they still remain untouched by mass tourism. Most of them are west of Alexandroupolis, very close to the urban fabric of the city. The beaches of Alexandroupolis are great in length, sandy beaches, organized, with clear waters and easily accessible with many smaller coves between them.

Please check below the best rated beaches:

  • New Chili
  • Beach of the Transfiguration of Savior
  • Kokkina Vrachia
  • Beach of Makri
  • Beach of Agia Paraskevi
  • Beach of Dikela
  • Beach of Mesimvria

Hotels in Alexandroupolis

Most of the accommodation options are located in the city center within a walking distance from the port and give access to many tourist facilities.

Please find below some of the best rated hotels and accommodation:

  • Grecotel Astir 
  • Astir Egnatia 
  • Alexander Beach Hotel 
  • Lighthouse Hotel 
  • 31 doors Hotel 
  • Santa Rosa 
  • Dias Hotel 
  • Hotel Erika 
  • Park Hotel 
  • Hotel Alkyon 
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